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Internet Explorer 5 has improved on the IntelliSense™ technology of earlier versions, and made browsing the Web easier than ever. Originally introduced in Microsoft Office, IntelliSense technology is designed to save you time by automating routine and complex tasks.

IntelliSense Internet Explorer 5 has expanded automation in several areas, letting you:

  • Use AutoComplete to get a drop-down list of sites you have already visited or fill out forms automatically
  • Use AutoCorrect to automatically correct typos that would otherwise prevent you from going directly to the page you want
  • Use AutoSearch to quickly and easily find the pages you want
  • Use AutoInstall to automatically install Internet Explorer components when you come to a Web page that requires them
  • Use AutoDetect offline to get better visual clues about what items are unavailable when you’re working offline
  • Use AutoConfiguration to automatically locate and connect to the appropriate proxy server
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