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Internet Explorer 5 is the fastest, easiest, most cost-effective Web browser for organizations to deploy, manage, and support. It offers dramatic performance, reliability, and usability improvements, along with the highest standards support for Web-based applications. More.

new Microsoft Introduces Internet Explorer 5 Evaluation and Deployment Kit
The Evaluation and Deployment Kit provides customers with a variety of evaluation resources, including information on the capabilities of Internet Explorer 5, a complete deployment guide, instructions on how to migrate their business to Internet Explorer 5 from Netscape Navigator, and case studies on corporations that have already rolled out Internet Explorer 5. Learn more, read the press release, and order today!

Vencor Leverages Internet Explorer 5
Vencor, America’s leading long-term healthcare provider, has developed several Intranet applications designed to take advantage of the capabilities of Internet Explorer 5 and also support the company’s vision of a continuum of quality long-term health services. Check out the video profile!

Merril Lynch Chooses Internet Explorer
Merril Lynch joins more than 3000 companies adopting Internet Explorer 5 for their corporate intranets. "With Internet Explorer 5, we estimate that our intranet development costs will be reduced 30 percent and that our costs of deployment will decrease by 15 percent," says William Shea, assistant vice president.

PC Week: Kit makes IE deployment a snap
Jim Rapoza of PCWeek labs calls the Internet Explorer Administration Kit "a must-have for widespread deployment and management of the browser," and gives it an "A" for overall capability. Check out the Review.
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Internet Explorer Administration Kit

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