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"Microsoft's browser takes a leap forward" "This links to a site that is not on
Houston Chronicle / March 26, 1999
Dwight Silverman
"Microsoft has focused on making a product that's easy for novices to use, but still powerful enough to delight savvy Web surfers. It's faster, friendlier and more stable than its competition. Say what you will about Microsoft, this is a great piece of software. My initial reaction upon installing it was: "Oh ... my ... gawd. Netscape is toast!"
"Internet Explorer Delivers" "This links to a site that is not on
Windows TechEdge / March, 1999
Caroline Farmer
"For Internet Explorer users and administrators, things just keep getting better. IE 5 hits the nail on the head when it comes to ease of installation, ease of use, and faster searching. Users will spend less time worrying about configuring settings and more time exploring the Web."
"Listen to This Version of Internet Explorer" "This links to a site that is not on
The New York Times on the Web / March 18, 1999
Peter H. Lewis
"Microsoft and its chief rival Netscape (soon to be a part of America Online) have been playing leapfrog with their respective Web browsers for several of today, however, the new Internet Explorer is the top frog."
"Explorer Reveals Significant Enhancements" "This links to a site that is not on
InfoWorld / March 18, 1999
Andre Kvitka
"I was an avid Navigator user in the past; however, the combination of speed, usability, and price has finally convinced me to switch to Explorer 5.0 and I would strongly recommend the same to all organizations."
"Browser brouhaha bubbles up: Microsoft debuts Internet Explorer upgrade" "This links to a site that is not on
Seattle Times / March 21, 1999
Paul Andrews
"Still, the characterization of IE 5 as an incremental upgrade does it a disservice. True, nothing upon installation leaps up and knocks you over. But there are a slew of refinements, improvements and enhancements, which, added together, make IE 5 a must-have upgrade."
"Inside Internet Explorer 5.0: Final Code" "This links to a site that is not on
Windows Magazine / March 18, 1999
Scot Finnie
"When all is said and done, IE 5.0 is the best browser you can beg, borrow, steal or download....The best thing about this product is the overall experience. It sounds a little silly, but I find myself saying "Aaahhhhh ..." in my mind when I'm using it. The sensation is just pure satisfaction. " "
"IE 5 Offers Better Searches, Built-in Radio" "This links to a site that is not on
PC World / March 17, 1999
Paul Heltzel
"But if you're using older versions of IE, America Online, or Communicator, or you're starting from scratch, IE5 is the browser to beat."
"IE 5: The Final Cut" "This links to a site that is not on
PC Magazine Online / March 18, 1999
Jim Lynch
"There's something for just about everyone in IE5, from users and administrators to content providers and developers. In this release, Microsoft has concentrated most on giving people the tools they need to make Web surfing faster and easier."
"IE 5 Goes Gold, CNET Labs Tests Microsoft's New Browser" "This links to a site that is not on / March 18, 1999
Christopher Lindquist
"Early this morning, the software giant released the final version of its latest browser, and rather than add a laundry list of new features, IE developers clearly set out to make IE 5.0 more svelte and easier to use. And for the most part, they've succeeded."
"What's So Great About IE5?" "This links to a site that is not on
ZDNet / March 18, 1999
Robert Scoble
"This release is the browser we've all been waiting for: one that is stable, fast, compatible, easy to install, and has a lot of new features to help us all get our Internet work done."
"Internet Explorer 5" "This links to a site that is not on
Windows Users Group Network / March 18, 1999
Paul Thurrott
"It's likely that the Web browser--the single product we think of as "Internet Explorer"--will be the tool you use most often. And appropriately, it's been improved the most, with a host of new features, both cosmetically and under the hood. "
"IE 5's Best Surprise is No Surprise" "This links to a site that is not on
PC Week Online / March 17, 1999
Jim Rapoza
"Internet Explorer 5.0 is a compelling and well-made upgrade that doesn't have any major surprises, which will probably be a good thing to most users."
"New Microsoft Browser Adds Nice Details"
Wall Street Journal / March 17, 1999
Walter S. Mossberg
"[Microsoft]'s releasing a new version of its Internet Explorer Web browser, a subtly improved edition that puts it once again ahead of Netscape in the continuing browser wars. While Internet Explorer 5.0 features no dramatic breakthroughs, it's filled with thoughtful little advances that make using the Web simpler for average, nontechnical folks."
"Internet Explorer 5: Search and Explore" This links to a site that is not on
PC World / March 17, 1999
Paul Heltzel
"If you're running Communicator 4.5: You've got fast searching and a reasonable download size. With IE 5, you'd get new search features and AutoComplete tricks. Should you upgrade? Yes, unless you're a committed Netscape enthusiast."
"Microsoft introduces kinder, gentler IE" This links to a site that is not on
ZDNet / March 17, 1999
Lisa M. Bowman
"IE 5, set to launch Thursday, will include a few new features that will automate Web surfing or save users time -- including Autocomplete, which automatically fills out Web forms; a "go" button, for newbies who don't realize they have to hit return; a radio feature, which will allow users to click on the screen to switch between preset stations; and a searching feature, which automatically calls up a search screen when a user types in a keyword."
"Microsoft hopes to woo big business with new version of Internet Explorer " This links to a site that is not on
Seattle Times / March 17, 1999
Jay Greene
"To Microsoft, the newest browser, Internet Explorer 5, is a giant leap forward in its effort to win the software business from large corporate customers. Microsoft will go to great lengths to highlight its "componentized" architecture, which lets developers and corporate customers customize the browser to fit their needs. "
"IE 5 sneak peek shows new content features" This links to a site that is not on
CNET News / March 16, 1999
Paul Festa
"One of the major new features of IE 5 is its "Web Accessories" initiative. Web Accessories let third-party Web sites build extensions to the browser interface and serve, or "push," content to a separate pane no matter where the user surfs."
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