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Countdown to Internet Explorer 5!
Internet Explorer 5 will be available for download on March 18th, 1999. This release of Microsoft's award-winning Web browsing technology makes using the Web simpler than ever, more automated, and more flexible to let you use the Web the way you want. In short, Internet Explorer 5 brings IntelliSense to the Web to save you time on the things you do most often. Features like Web Accessories let you customize your browser to suit your needs. As part of this release, other Microsoft Internet tools, like Outlook Express, will also be available that day! Get a head start and Reserve Your Copy Early.

What is IntelliSense?
Originally introduced in Microsoft Office, IntelliSense technology is designed to save you time by automating routine tasks and simplifying complex tasks. By building IntelliSense throughout Internet Explorer 5, from detecting network status to simplifying basic navigation, Internet Explorer 5 makes the Web easier and more accessible for everyone. Internet Explorer 5 brings IntelliSense to the Web with:

Simplicity: Improvements throughout Internet Explorer 5 make it easier than ever to find and organize information, including enhancements to Search, History, and Favorites bars.
Automation: Internet Explorer 5's IntelliSense technology can save you time by doing the most common Web tasks for you, like typing Web page addresses and filling in Web forms.
Flexibility: Internet Explorer 5 gives you freedom of choice to use any Home page or portal, lets you use the tools you want to use, view the sites you want to view, and access information from anywhere.

IT professionals will save time deploying and managing Internet Explorer 5 and its associated Internet Tools, through the Internet Explorer Administration Kit (IEAK).

Web authors and developers will save time writing Web applications with the use of DHTML behaviors, XML, and Dynamic properties.

So What's in It?
Curious about all the Internet Tools that come along with Internet Explorer 5? Here's a list of what you get.

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