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So you've been around a while, followed the "browser wars," and tried the various releases. Well, this one is the best you've seen yet.

Internet Explorer 5 simply works faster to save you time on the things you do most often.

IntelliSense™ automates common tasks

  • Internet Explorer can fill out Web forms automatically, at your discretion.
  • AutoSearch lets you search directly from the Address bar.
  • AutoCorrect fixes common misspellings as you type a URL.
  • AutoComplete finds Web addresses you've already visited.
  • Install-on-Demand installs any missing components required by a Web page you're visiting.

Flexibility lets you use the Web the way you want it.

  • Internet Explorer integrates with any protal.
  • Choose whatever email, conferencing, address book, or HTML editor you want to use and access it directly from the toolbar.

Internet Explorer Feel free to browse a few of the features from the navigation upper right and then visit the advanced user section of Exploring the Internet.

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Last updated:  Wednesday, March 17, 1999
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