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If you live for hard rock, get a guitar made to rock hard. Kramer guitars are designed and built specifically for hard rock guitar players. They feature body design and construction, pickups, electronics and hardware for rock music. Some other guitars try to work for ALL kinds of music (country AND rock). That's impossible! Kramer does one thing and it does it well. And don't forget to check out our Kramer Girls!

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Baretta Series (9 Models)
Kramer Baretta guitars and basses are designed with the professional in mind.
Prices starting at $259.99
Designer Series (6 Models)
Here you'll find unique guitars of all shapes and sizes!
Prices starting at $239.99
Focus Series (9 Models)
The Kramer Focus is THE most affordable, professional electric guitar or bass available today.
Prices starting at $79.99
Pacer Series (2 Models)
Sleek looks and great sound - all at an unbelievable price!
Prices starting at $99.99
Striker Series (18 Models)
One of our best-selling series. Professional features at a rock-bottom price!
Prices starting at $159.99
US Collection (6 Models)
Guitars made with genuine US parts - these are the best of the Kramer line!
Prices starting at $329.99
Acoustics (2 Models)
For those of you that love the Acoustic tone!
Prices starting at $149.99
Amplifiers/Electronics (10 Models)
Kramer Amplifiers, Pedals, and Pickups- you'll find them here!
Prices starting at $12.99
Accessories (2 Models)
Brand-name accessories at discount prices!
Prices starting at $3.99
Cases (2 Models)
Protect your investment with a Kramer gigbag!
Prices starting at $19.99
EU/UK Amplifiers (2 Models)
Amplifiers made specifically for our customers in Europe and the United Kingdom!
Prices starting at $74.99

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