My Source

Training Opportunities with My Source



CPB is providing two types of training opportunities for stations who have already begun or are ready to take advantage of the My Source platform in their communications activities. This training will illustrate the benefits of using My Source to:


  • Communicate the relevance of your station.
  • Engage your community.
  • Integrate with your other key activities.
  • Help align station operations to community needs and values.



1) Regional Workshops


These workshops are for professionals at stations willing to commit to the My Source concept as an integral part of their strategic communication activities. The workshops will offer station examples and specific tools for:


  • Developing a My Source strategy and utilizing the resources provided by CPB.
  • Identifying key community ambassadors to participate.
  • Amplifying the passion that users have for your station through My Source.
  • Leveraging that passion to increase support for your station.


Click here for a preview of topics covered during each of the Workshops.


Please apply for one of the following workshops:


26 - 27

June 26-27, Chicago, IL for Television and Joint Licensees

Deadline for applications for this workshop is Tuesday, May 20th, 2008
Click here to download an application for the June Workshop.




July 16, PRDMC, Orlando, FL for Radio and Joint Licensees

Deadline for applications for this workshop is Friday, May 30th, 2008
Click here to download an application for the July Workshop.



Space is limited. Stations will be selected based upon application responses and a cross-section of the public broadcasting system by station type, community served, activities planned, etc.


CPB will cover food and lodging for the workshop. If you are a station with an NFFS[1] of less than $2 million dollars and are selected as a participant in this conference, you also qualify for a stipend to help cover travel expenses.




2) My Source Web Conference Curriculum


The Web conferences are designed to give stations the tools and guidance to build and execute a successful My Source effort. This curriculum of web conferences, held over a three month period, will provide stations with the same expert training and successful station examples featured in the regional workshops but will be open to any public broadcasting station.


To learn more about the Web conferences, click here.


Stations participating in these training opportunities will have access to additional resources to help them launch their My Source activities. More information on these resources will be provided at the time of the trainings. 


[1] Non-Federal Financial Support as defined in the CPB Annual Financial Report completed by your station for fiscal year 2007.

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