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The National Archives of Australia is the maintenance agency for the Australian Government Locator Service (AGLS) metadata standard.

The AGLS metadata standard is a set of 19 descriptive elements which government departments and agencies can use to improve the visibility and accessibility of their services and information over the Internet.

The AGLS standard is based upon the leading international online resource discovery metadata standard, the Dublin Core standard (Australian mirror site). The AGLS standard was developed in late 1997/early 1998 in response to a recommendation in the report of the Information Management Steering Committee, The Management of Government Information as a National Strategic Resource.

While the National Archives is the lead agency for AGLS development and deployment, the initiative is a cooperative venture between the Commonwealth Office for Government Online and the Online Council Officials.


AGLS maintenance agency

The National Archives of Australia will pursue the following activities in its role as AGLS maintenance agency:

  • convene a cross-jurisdictional AGLS Working Group to guide ongoing development and deployment of the standard;
  • manage improvements to the user manual;
  • promote the AGLS standard across Australian governments;
  • develop and maintain an AGLS website;
  • liaise with the international Dublin Core metadata community; and
  • register schemes and extensions to the AGLS standard.

Any comments or enquiries about AGLS can be sent to

Australian Government Locator Service (AGLS) Manual for Users

Applying the AGLS Metadata Standard in Commonwealth Agencies

AGLS Working Group


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