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This page allows you to find all relevant Nature Publishing Group resources in the field of molecular cell biology.

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molecular systems biology

Molecular Systems Biology - Call For Papers

In March 2005 EMBO and NPG will launch an online journal to aid our understanding of living systems. Through quality papers, reviews and interaction with the community, the journal will help establish standards and metrics for complex datasets. Original research will be free, with costs being met, in part, by author publication charges.

Visit for more information and to submit.

Cell biology: Sight at the end of the tunnel NEW

Secret of radiation-proof bugs proposed NEW

Stem cells stop mice going blind NEW

Grabbing E2 by the tail NEW
Nature Structural & Molecular Biology

RNA editing of a human potassium channel modifies its inactivation NEW
Nature Structural & Molecular Biology

Checking on DNA damage in S phase FREENEW
Nature Reviews Molecular Cell Biology

Cell cycle: split timing NEW
Nature Reviews Molecular Cell Biology

Epigenetics: silent transmission NEW
Nature Reviews Molecular Cell Biology

The politics of science NEW
Nature Structural & Molecular Biology

  ? Microscopy
  ? Stem cells
  ? The mouse genome
  ? Proteomics
  ? Ion channels

Trigger factor in complex with the ribosome forms a molecular cradle for nascent proteins NEW

Intron-encoded homing endonuclease I-TevI also functions as a transcriptional autorepressor FREENEW
Nature Structural & Molecular Biology

A unique E1-E2 interaction required for optimal conjugation of the ubiquitin-like protein NEDD8 NEW
Nature Structural & Molecular Biology

Control of human potassium channel inactivation by editing of a small mRNA hairpin NEW
Nature Structural & Molecular Biology

Identification of BRCA1-IRIS, a BRCA1 locus product NEW
Nature Cell Biology

Syntabulin is a microtubule-associated protein implicated in syntaxin transport in neurons NEW
Nature Cell Biology

Release of the export adapter, Nmd3p, from the 60S ribosomal subunit requires Rpl10p and the cytoplasmic GTPase Lsg1p NEW
The EMBO Journal

The dynamic organization of gene-regulatory machinery in nuclear microenvironments. FREE NEW
EMBO Reports

Nature Reviews Molecular Cell Biology
Authoritative Reviews, Perspectives and free Highlights, covering the broad fields of modern molecular and cellular biology. New 2002 Thomson-ISI Impact Factor 26.170 - the no.1 monthly review journal in cell biology.
Nature Reviews Microbiology
Authoritative Reviews, Perspectives and free Highlights from the ultimate information resource for all microbiologists
Nature AfCS Signaling Gatweway

The free one-stop resource for all cell signaling researchers


Think Nature first

Science news, features, multimedia and much more, updated daily and available free.

Nature Methods
Nature Methods is a print and online publication dedicated to publishing novel methods together with significant advances to tried-and-tested techniques allowing researchers to perform faster, better and more efficient experimental research.
Cell Death & Differentiation
Leading primary journal focused on cell death and apoptosis
The best research on biomolecular form and function
Online access to the latest structures and standards in data integration
EMBO Journal
Publishing original research of general rather than specialist interest in molecular biology for over 20 years
EMBO Reports
Sharply focused and rapidly published short papers and review articles in all areas of molecular biology
Nature Cell Biology
Primary research, commentary and analysis significant to all cell biologists


Includes eight issues of Oncogene Reviews and covers the structure and function of oncogenes

Laboratory Investigation
Publishing research that advances the understanding of disease and reporting on relevant advances in technical methodology

Nature Chemical Biology

A new international forum for the timely publication of research at the interface between biology and chemistry. First issue due June 2005..

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