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This page allows you to find all relevant Nature Publishing Group resources in the field of pharmacology.

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Coordinated effort targets resistance NEW
Nature Reviews Drug Discovery

Painkiller blamed for heart-disease epidemic NEW FREE

Epilepsy drug may delay ageing FREE

Activists and researchers rally behind AIDS drug for mothers

Medicine: Knockout malaria vaccine?

μ-Opioid Receptor and Risk for Alcoholism FREE NEW

In vivo drug discovery in the Zebrafish NEW
Nature Reviews Drug Discovery

Estrogen and endothelium-dependent vascular responses FREE NEW
British Journal of Pharmacology

Making protein interactions druggable: Targeting PDZ domains
Nature Reviews Drug Discovery

British Journal of Pharmacology
The leading 'original papers' publication in the field of general pharmacology.
Science news, features, multimedia and much more, updated daily and available free.
Nature Chemical Biology

A new international forum for the timely publication of research at the interface between biology and chemistry. First issue due June 2005.

Nature Methods
Nature Methods is a print and online publication dedicated to publishing novel methods together with significant advances to tried-and-tested techniques allowing researchers to perform faster, better and more efficient experimental research.
Journal of Exposure Analysis and Environmental Epidemiology

Publishing research important to exposure assessment, environmental epidemiology, toxicology and related disciplines
Nature Reviews Drug Discovery
Authoritative Reviews, Perspectives, Market Analysis and free Highlights, providing a complete overview of the drug discovery and development arena.
Advancing our understanding of the brain and behavior. The journal is highly regarded in the fields of psychiatry, neuroscience, pharmacology & pharmacy
Nature AfCS Signaling Gatweway
The free one-stop resource for all cell signaling researchers
The Pharmacogenomics Journal
Publishing original research on the effects of genetic variability, drug toxicity and efficacy, and the identification of novel genomic targets for drug development.
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