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NCSA projects are major initiatives designed to give scientists and society the tools and the infrastructure they need to solve the most important problems of our time. We build the network infrastructure, the software and the middleware tools that are linking communities together as grids. And we make sure these innovations spread to new communities, such as the business and education sectors. Below are some of the major projects now underway at NCSA.

Access Magazine
data link Newsletter
ACB Facilities Support
Access Grid
Access Grid-in-a-Box
Access Online
Alliance Allocations
Alliance Center for Collaboration, Education, Science and Software (ACCESS)
Alliance Expeditions
Applications of Scientific Data Management Tools and Automated Classification Techniques for the Management of Electronic Records (NARA)
Atmospheric Discovery Expedition
Biology Student Workbench
Body on body impact analysis of man portable air defense system vs. tactical aircraft
Cave Automatic Virtual Environment (CAVE)
Cluster-in-a-Box (CiB)
Collateral Writing, Design, Production
Community Codes Expedition
Computational Structural Mechanics (CSM) at the Aeronautical Systems Center
Computational Structural Mechanics at the Army Research Laboratory
CSynergy – A Computational Science Leadership Experience for Teachers of Mathematics and Science
Curriculum Architect for Science Literacy
Data to Knowledge (D2K)
Display Wall-in-a-Box
Diversity and Gender in Computational Science and Information Technology
Event Management
Girls Engaged in Math and Science (GEMS)
Graduate Teaching Fellows in K-12 Education (GK-12) Program
Grid Packaging Technology (GPT)
Hierarchical Data Format (HDF)
Installation of IBM IA-32 Cluster (Platinum)
Interior Design
Mass Storage and FC Disk System
Math software and parallel software tools support on Alliance platforms
Media Relations
Mississippi RiverWeb Museum Consortium
MSI Consortium
Multi-Sector Crisis Managment Consortium (MSCMC)
MyProxy Online Credential Repository
National Laboratory for Applied Network Research
NCSA Access and Inclusion
NCSA Computational Chemistry and Computational Biology Services
NCSA Intranet
NCSA Usage Tracking Database Enhancements
New NCSA Building
NLANR Advanced Applications Database (AAD)
NSF Quarterly Status Reports
Open Portal Interface Environment (OPIE)
PACI Data Quest Expedition
PACI Online Proposal System (POPS)
Partnership Between NASA IPG and the Alliance
Performance Engineering Expedition
Postweb Open Resource Toolkit (PORT)
Private Sector Program Projects
Research Engine to Visualize Evaluate Archive and Learn (REVEAL)
RiverWeb Water Quality Simulator
Scientfic Workspaces of the Future Expedition
Scientific Portals Expedition
Silicon, Carbon, Culture
Software Documentation
Technology Research Education and Commercialization Center (TRECC)
The National Computational Science Institute (NCSI)
VIAS Information Archival and Retrieval
Video and New Media Production
Virtual Director™
Visualization and Virtual Environments Support and Outreach
Visualization of Chesapeake Bay Water Quality
Visualizing the Future
Website Management and Interface Design