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Getting Started

Quick Access to NCSA HPC Information

HPC Resources Center
Experienced NCSA Users

Index to user information

High-Performance Computing Environment

Consulting Services and Training

Timely Technical Information


HPC Resource Center:
Jump Start for New Users!

Did you just received your allocation? For a jump-start on using the NCSA computational resources, begin reading with Step 1 (below) and then each step in order.

An understanding of UNIX is assumed. If you need some assistance or a tutorial, UNIXhelp for Users is a good place to start.

  1. Index to user information
  2. Required Security Software
  3. Connecting to NCSA Systems
  4. Accounting and Your Project
  5. All About File Systems
  6. Software
  7. Compilers
    1. on the Origin2000
    2. on the NT Supercluster
  8. Running Jobs
    1. on the Origin2000
    2. on the NT Supercluster
  9. Getting help from NCSA consultants

Quick Index

High-Performance Computing Environment

NCSA's high-performance systems
The systems available today
The mass storage system
Andrew File System
A distributed file system with a common name space; not all HPC users have AFS accounts
Alliance resources
The high-performance and high-throughput resources made available by the National Computational Science Alliance

Consulting, Training, and System Support

HPC Consulting Office
Getting help with a high-performance problem
NLANR Distributed Applications Support
Tollfree help for researchers using distributed applications
Technology Management Group
Providing 24-hour operational support
Dates, schedules, and online materials
NCSA Staff Primer
A collection of resources for NCSA staff only

Using NCSA's Resources

Index to user information
An alphabetical listing of user-oriented information
How to apply for time on NCSA and Alliance systems
Required Security Software
Kerberos or SSH software, which eliminates clear-text signons and passwords, is required to access NCSA systems; check here for installation information
Documentation and Resources
Links to information about NCSA and Alliance systems and services
High-performance software on the NCSA systems, NCSA-developed codes, and software coordinators
Visualization and Virtual Environments
Software, facilities, sample projects, and training opportunities

Newsletters and Notices

data link
The Alliance technical newsletter that links you to new web-based information that is useful to computational researchers
motd and news
Messages of the day and other news -- updated several times a day
The Alliance science magazine


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