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NCSA Computational Resources


SGI Altix UV [ember]

Ember consists of 4 SGI Altix UV 1000 systems each with 384 cores and 2 TB memory with Intel Xeon Nehalem-EX (6-core) processors.


Dell Intel® 64 Tesla Cluster [lincoln]

Lincoln consists of 192 compute nodes (Dell PowerEdge 1950 dual-socket nodes with quad-core Intel Harpertown 2.33GHz processors and 16GB of memory) and 96 NVIDIA Tesla S1070 accelerator units. Each Tesla unit provides 345.6 gigaflops of double-precision performance and 16GB of memory.


Mass Storage System (MSS)

NCSA's hierarchical archival storage system is available for permanent storage of data. Access is via the FTP and SSH based transfer clients, including GridFTP clients. NCSA's mass storage now holds more than six petabytes of data and has the capacity to archive ten petabytes of data.