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Hardware Software

Silicon Graphics Origin2000
The Origin2000 is a cache coherent, non-uniform memory access supercomputer based on the MIPS R10000 processor.

NT Supercluster (will be retired Sept 1, 2001)
This high-performance computing resource is based on workstations using Pentium II processors and running Microsoft Windows NT.

Mass Storage System (UniTree)
UniTree is NCSA's hierarchical archival storage system. Access is via the FTP interface.

HPC Systems Status
A quick way to determine the status of the Origin2000 systems.

Required Encryption Software
Before you use your account at NCSA, you must install required encryption software (Kerberos or SSH), designed to increase security. Check the information on this page to review your options.

HPC Applications Software
Third-party applications software, community codes, and most tools that are available on NCSA high-performance computer systems are listed online via a searchable database.

Vendor and Open-source Software and Applications
Links to a wide variety of software, libraries and tools as well as repositories and software resources are provided on this page.

Software Coordinators
Contact the software coordinator in your research area to discuss a particular application, licensing, or your applications software requirements.

Alliance Resources

Alliance-Provided High-Performance Resources
A comprehensive look at the high-performance systems available at Alliance partner sites. Also provided are links to systems and software repositories.

Alliance Virtual Machine Room
During summer 2000, the Alliance will start making available the Virtual Machine Room (VMR), which will make the many resources available at Alliance sites appear to be managed in a single coherent fashion as if they were co-located and under the direct management of a single center.


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