Energy optimisation

Neste Jacobs provides energy optimisation services with the aid of Pinch Technology, which have been applied since the 1980s. We have "pinched" grass roots units, revamped existing units and targeted entire production sites. Our reference list includes two production sites, crude and vacuum units, an FCC feed hydrotreater and a gas-oil distillation unit.

Typical results of a Pinch Analysis include for revamp projects: We help you to "pinch" for energy optimisation

  • Actual plant performance compared to energy targets
  • Detailed analysis of various process modification scenarios
  • Modification proposals achieving predefined payback criteria
  • Detailed heat-exchanger network design

For a Total Site Analysis, the results consist of:

  • Existing energy usage report, steam & cooling balances
  • List of recommended, feasible projects
  • Detailed site balances after the implementation of projects
  • List of unutilised energy that can be used in the design of future process units

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