NExTAME™ and NExETHERS™ are proprietary new technologies for converting C4-C7 tertiary olefins to oxygenates in petroleum refining or petrochemical processing. They yield MTBE/ETBE, TAME/TAEE and higher ethers as value-optimized blends or pure products.

    The extensive experience gained through operating various types of etherifying processes in the past 15 years served as a solid starting point for the new processes. Comprehensive research programs formed the validated data base for the innovative utilization of modern chemical engineering advances in modelling and process synthesis. The resulting NExTAME and NExETHERS technologies provide superior conversion levels for both reactive olefins and methanol in a simple, yet thoroughly optimized flow diagram combining high performance with reduced investment and operating costs.

    NExTAME and NExETHERS processes are optimized for the real needs of an operating petroleum refinery or petrochemical plant. These technologies eliminate the need for a separate alcohol recovery section, with a saving in capital costs and improved operability that mark a major breakthrough in reformulated gasoline production. While increasing the ether yields to levels previously unattainable, NExTAME and NExETHERS technologies offer significant operational advantages:

    • Various schemes for maximizing refinery product value can be incorporated in a single unit
    • The capability to process a range of hydrocarbons or alcohols (methanol or ethanol) without additional equipment.
    • Highest ether yields or the lowest RVP are assured on a sustained basis at reduced capital and operating costs.
    • Use well-known commercially available ion exchange resin catalyst and conventional equipment.
    • No need for shutdown during catalyst change.
    • Effective way to combine top performance with easy operability and maintenance.


    • Etherification Technologies
      • NExTAME™ light cracked naphtha etherification
      • NExETHERS™ MTBE or mixed ethers production
      • NExSELECT™ selective dienes hydrogenation

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