NExSELECT photoNExSELECT™ is the technology of choice for selective hydrogenation of C5 – C7 diolefins originating from fluid catalytic cracking and steam cracking. Diolefins will polymerize in contract with the ion exchange catalyst resin if allowed to enter an etherification process, such as NExTAME™ or NExETHERS™. The NExSELECT™ process is designed especially to maximize diolefins reduction regardless of the feedstock.

    NExSELECT™ process

    Process Description

    In the NExSELECT process diolefins are selectively hydrogenated to olefins in the presence of a precious metal catalyst. Reactor design is of conventional fixed bed type. The reactions take place in liquid phase. During hydrogenation the reactive and harmful diolefins are converted to olefinic hydrocarbons. Simultaneous isomerization reactions further enhance the overall yield and value of the hydrogenated product in a downstream etherification unit. The process is easily integrated with the NExTAME and NExETHERS units without any need for additional degasification equipment.


    • Excellent conversion of diolefins ensures improved etherification and better gasoline quality.
    • Optimum performance with proven design
    • Direct integration with etherification unit - no separate lights removal required
    • Low investment cost.

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