Unloading Device for Heavy Fuel Oil

    Demand for better product quality and productivity, together with increasing environmental awareness and concern for safety of employees, pose new requirements for the handling of oil products. Unloading heavy fuel oil has to be:

    • Easy
    • Fast and complete
    • Water-free product
    • Emission free
    • Safe
    • Economical

    ECOARM for heavy oil unloading

    Ecoarm Unloading Device

    1. Pumping head with heated tip. 2. Jet pipes. 3. Arm.
    4. Heat exchanger unit. 5. Hydraulic unit.

    Principle of the heavy oil unloading unit

    The heating of oil to the required viscosity for pumping out is achieved through ECOARM’s innovative method. The heated tip of the pumping head into the oil ensures penetration in all conditions. The oil is circulated through a heat exchanger by a submerged screw pump back to the wagon. Hot circulated oil under high pressure is fed by adjustable and oscillating jet pipes, equipped with mixing nozzles, into the area of the tank where it is needed the most, and where traditional methods cannot reach. Finally, the melted oil product is pumped with the same pump into the storage tank. The unit is fully operated by a reliable hydraulic system, which makes it easy to operate and maintain. Since the system is closed, there is no risk from the oil product coming into contact with steam or other heating media, or the environment. This method does not require inconvenient underground oil channels or pipes. The system is patented.


    The capacity of the unit can be adjusted to site-specific and customer requirements. Suitable heat transfer capacity varies from 400 to 2,000 kW, and the pumping capacity from 35 to 120 m³/h. The operating pressure depends on the pump type, but it can be up to 12 bar. The same pump is sufficient for pumping the oil further to the tank farm. The heating time depends on the heat exchanger size, the oil quality and temperature. In winter, it is typically a couple of hours. The unit functions without problems even in the most extreme cold temperatures.

    ECOARM for handling other products

    The system is suitable for handling high-viscose products such as heavy fuel oil and lubricating oil. Further, it has been developed for chemicals that freeze at normal temperatures, like paraxylene, and for top-unloading of oil products with low vapour pressure and cavitation problems, such as light condensates and crude oils.


    There are installations for heavy fuel oil in Tallinn in Estonia, which has 5 units, 20 units in Hamina in Finland, 2 units in St Petersburg and 2 units in Vysotsk in Russia, 10 units in Zahony in Hungary and 1 unit in Mozyr in Belarus. Additionally, there are 2 units in Tallinn for unloading difficult chemicals like paraxylene, and 20 units for unloading crude and condensates in Porvoo in Finland; there is also a 12-unit combined crude and heavy oil system in Kazakhstan.

    Flexible design to meet your specific requirements

    The device will be tailored to meet the individual requirements of each customer. Designs for unloading wagons either from one or two tracks are available, and the work radius can be extended up to six meters. You can also choose the heat transfer capacity, and the pump type and pumping capacity. Alternative heat sources are steam, hot water or heat transfer oil, depending on local conditions. Automation will be adjusted according to operation circumstances.

    We also supply complete ready-made modules for transloading heavy fuel oil (or other products) from wide rail gauge (Russian) to normal gauge (European) tank wagons. The module is complete with ECOARM unloading system, with loading arm, supporting steel structure with operating platform and piping readily installed. The module can be transported to the site by train, and lifted directly on the foundation.

    Polarteknik PMC Oy Ab, the manufacturer of the equipment, is the leading supplier of durable heavy-duty hydraulic systems for harsh arctic weather conditions and remote locations, where users have to be independent of external maintenance services.

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