Advanced Process Control (APC)

Neste Jacobs provides Advanced Process Control (APC) technology and solutions for refineries, petrochemical processes and polymer plants. The services and field-proven APC technology products cover the full scope of realtime process management needs.

APC Technology

APC technology has proved to be valuable in improving plant operation management and in providing substantial improvements in product uniformity, yield, throughput and on-spec production. These products and technology have been used in over 70 control applications. APC technology has a particular added value for the processes licensed by Fortum. The technology provides a uniform, solid, open and expandable platform for various applications. The process knowledge supported by the dynamic modeling and simulation technology forms a fundamental part in the provided solutions and services.

The process automation expertise covers all automation levels from stabilizing controls to unit wide controls and plant wide optimisation. In addition, we offer services in process performance analysis, control design, training, commissioning and tuning of control systems.

 APC technology and solutions from Neste Jacobs

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