Dynamic Process Simulation

Neste Jacobs’ main engine for generating rigorous dynamic simulators and models of process units in hydrocarbon industry is PROSimulator. It is a product, which is based on knowledge base technology with a graphical user interface for the simulated process configuring and simulation execution. PROSimulator is licensed for both online and offline applications.

A full range of models and simulators starting from simple transfer function models up to PROSimulator rigorous physico-chemical models are delivered. PROSimulator’s in-built facilities are used to adjust simulation process parameters to match real plant information, when needed for unknown catalysts or feedstocks for example.


In design of control systems dynamic simulation has proved invaluable and is a natural part of the basic design and pre-commissioning work. Training simulators have been delivered for four process applications. Over 20 different kinds of processes have been modeled by PROSimulator, including the etherification processes licensed by Neste Jacobs.

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