Our offices

    Our offices

    Our Head Office is in Porvoo, Finland

    Neste Jacobs offices  in Kilpilahti, PorvooNeste Jacobs´ Head Office is situated in Porvoo, Finland, in the Kilpilahti industrial area, about 40 km east of Helsinki, the capital of Finland.

    The taxi ride from the Helsinki-Vantaa airport (HEL) to our Porvoo Head Office takes about 40 minutes.

    Attached an area map and driving instructions for those who wish to drive to the area by themselves.

    Travel tips

    Currency: EURO (EU)
    Time zone: +0200 UTC/CMT
    Best transportation from airport: taxi, rental car

    Naantali Office, Finland

    Our other office, serving mainly Neste Oil´s Naantali refinery, is  situated in Naantali on the western coast of Finland (close to Turku).