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Do you have general questions about online advertising and privacy? Below are a collection of resources from around the web that address privacy, cookies, and the role of online advertising in bringing free and low-cost content and services to the web

Why do websites need advertising?

Publishers and content providers rely on advertising to operate. Learn more about the role advertising plays in supporting free and low-cost content and services online:

What is online behavioral advertising? 

Online behavioral advertising – sometimes called OBA or interest-based advertising – uses small bits of data collected from websites that you visit to predict or infer your preferences and interests in order to show you ads that are more likely to be relevant to you.

In addition to exploring the content on this site, you can find more information, including explanatory videos, on the following sites:

Understanding cookies

What are http cookies? How are they used? These sites offer valuable insight into cookies and how they are used (not just for advertising):

What are your choices?

Consumers have a variety of options available to them to customize their web experience, ranging from browser controls, add-on utilities, and opt-out tools. The links below offer a sample of the available options.

Browser Controls:

Most common modern web browsers include controls designed to allow you to to block or delete cookies. Learn about these controls in the most common browser by following the links below:

Additionally, Chrome and Firefox support add-ons that provide additional options for managing your privacy:

Opt-Out Tools

Many of the leading third-party advertising companies participate in the NAI’s self-regulatory program and opt-out page. In addition, the Digital Advertising Alliance (DAA) offers a centralized opt-out platform where consumers can opt out of NAI member complanies’ advertising programs, as well as the advertising programs of other DAA members.

 What's that Icon?


The AdChoices Icon (also known as the "Advertising Option Icon") is a sign for consumer information and control for interest-based advertising.  When you see the AdChoices Icon on a Web page or near a Web banner, it lets you know that information used to infer your interests is being gathered or used to improve the ads you see. Click here to learn more about the AdChoices Icon.


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