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With Nostradamus’s 500th birthday falling on 14th December 2003 (or 24th December, if you’re going to be fussy), the time has finally come for English-speakers to have the actual facts of his life and work placed at their disposal (as French-speakers have had for some time), instead of the usual unpromising diet of myths, Old Wives’ Tales, ‘translations’ by non-translators, and ‘interpretations’ that range from the mildly credulous to the frankly insane.

To satisfy this need, and to celebrate the occasion, Peter Lemesurier has produced two major books on the subject that may well come to be regarded as definitive...

New books by Peter Lemesurier

The Unknown Nostradamus
The essential biography for his 500th birthday


  • Covers all the essential facts of Nostradamus's life from birth to death in the light of the latest research
  • Contains full documentation in the form of translations of surviving documents
  • Reveals his little-known expulsion from medical college, his probable lack of a doctorate and his imprisonment in 1561
  • Traces his activities as an apothecary, canal-builder and writer of cookbooks
  • Traces for the first time in English print the known historical origins of many of his Prophecies
  • Reveals the theory of historical recapitulation underlying them, as well as his astrological techniques and the cardboard computers with which he almost certainly applied them
  • Details many of the predictions in his best-selling annual Almanachs, which were much better known and more widely sold at the time than his Propheties
  • Offers translations of many contemporary critiques of his work, most of them previously unknown in English
  • Concludes with a summary of the flagrant maltreatment of his writings at the hands of the ‘Nostradamus industry’ ever since his death, and of its dire results today

Latest publication details:

Includes translated extracts from his popular cookbook, his Orus Apollo, his annual Almanachs and his private correspondence, as well as from Rabelais, Videl, Ronsard and his major source, the Mirabilis liber of 1522/3.
Cover design shown is provisional only.
Publication by O Books planned for June 2003.
288 pp, plus 8 pages of colourpix. ISBN 1-903816-32-7 (hb), 1-903816-47-5 (pb).
UK £17.99 hb, £14.99 pb. USA $27.95 hb

Further details in due course…

Peter Lemesurier’s measured and detailed studies of Nostradamus go a great way to debunking the myths that surround this fascinating and influential figure, while demonstrating respect and balance in examining his wisdom and achievements
Bonjour Magazine, Jan-Feb 2003

Nostradamus: The Illustrated Prophecies
The complete, authoritative translation and analysis



  • Reveals in an Introduction the exact historical sources and texts on which Nostradamus based most of his predictions – a major recent breakthrough in Nostradamus research
  • Presents the French text of each verse in its original edition
  • Offers simple notes on how to read it
  • Presents a verse-translation of each quatrain that is both accurate and representative
  • Shows the source of each prediction (where known) so that, by referring back to the Introduction, readers can assess for themselves its relevance for the future.
  • Reproduces many of the known omen-reports that Nostradamus plundered – complete with contemporary woodcuts illustrating them – in surviving English translations of the day
  • Avoids imposing upon the reader any prior prophetic convictions
  • Offers the first truly dispassionate account of Nostradamus's prophecies that limits itself solely to the facts of the case

Latest publication details:

Still at contract stage. Cover design shown is provisional only.
ISBN 1-903816-48-3 (pb). Further details in due course…

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For upcoming Nostradamus events, please see below

Some previous titles by Peter Lemesurier
Details and prices subject to change

You can search for these books by clicking any of the online bookshop links in the previous section.

'Classic' ilustrated interpretation of the Great Pyramid as a blueprint for human evolution to 3989 and beyond, listing detailed measurements. Also available in translation (whether now or shortly) in Brazil, Germany and Greece and, in full English technicolor version, as DECODING THE GREAT PYRAMID (Element/HarperCollins, Hb, 255 pp).

Provocative re-intepretation of the Jesus-initiative on the basis of the Old Testament and Dead Sea Scrolls, together with the likely prophetic consequences for the near future. Also available in translation in Holland and Italy.

(Piatkus, London; Berkley, NY, 1994)
Potted  biography based on Cheetham (uncorrected by later research) followed by the first sequenced English verse-translation of 430 or so of the Prophecies in the 1568 edition, with commentary. Updated reprint now available in UK @ £6-99.

(Piatkus, London,; Berkley, NY, 1997)
Detailed timetable of events to AD 4500 based on Great Pyramid, Bible, Malachy, Nostradamus, Cayce, Dixon, de Sabato, A. C. Clarke et al. Includes commentary, detailed maps of the proposed coming Islamic invasion of Europe and some further translated verses, mainly from the Sixains.

Revised reprint now available in UK @ £6-99.

Nos 3 and/or 4 above are also (or were)  available in local translation in the following countries: Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Germany, Greece, Israel, Poland, Romania, Slovenia, Taiwan, Thailand and Turkey.

(Godsfield, UK; St Martin's, NY,
October 1997)
Comprehensive and hopefully definitive colour-illustrated reference-work, including numerous facsimiles, Nostradamus's family tree, a Gazetteer and Who's Who, tourist guide to Salon, all the Prophecies in the original French with English paraphrases, Nostradamus dictionary, concordance etc. etc. Also available in Japanese from Toyo Syorin (Tokyo), and in Italian from Gruppo Armenia. Now out of print in English, so only available second-hand or from libraries.

'The message of the.pyramids and the true Stargate mystery'. Basing itself on Lemesurier (1. above), Bauval, Hancock et al., this proposes that the Egyptian pyramids are in fact star-markers summoning us to an eventual encounter with some vastly superior intelligence in the region of Orion, rather along the lines of the monolith in '2001'.

Loads of supporting diagrams, and a section of colour-plates. Now available from Thorsons UK (HarperCollins) at £14.99, and in the USA from Thorsons at $24.95. UK paperback edition 1999. Also available in Italian from Mondadori, and in Japanese from Kosaido Shuppan, as well as in Polish, Bulgarian, Czech, Turkish and Dutch versions.

(Piatkus Books UK, 144 pp,
Basically, this is about what the title says it's about, including How Did He Do It? and How To Be Your Own Nostradamus. Including ‘When and where will the next Princess Diana die?’ Based partially on Qs and As already aired on the Internet.

(Piatkus Books UK, 2000, paperback, 325 pp., £8.99).
Update and thorough revision of the original 'Nostradamus -- the Next 50 Years', including 100 new verse-translations, maps, charts and the latest biographical and textual research. Available in English throughout the world-wide traditional British publishing area: outside it, presumably
available form sources such as or Also available in translation in Russia.

Buy Nostradamus in the 21st Century from

Updates to the above:

Decoding the Great Pyramid (the illustrated version of The Great Pyramid Decoded available from Element/HarperCollins) will shortly be going out of print.

Upcoming Nostradamus events
(as notified to me, at least!)

Numerous events are planned at Salon and St-Rémy-de-Provence for 2003, all of them conducted in French unless otherwise indicated:

5-6 April 2003: Conference and exhibition at St-Rémy on Nostradamus’s Jewish origins, including films and a concert of baroque music
14 June to 21 September 2003: Exhibition (‘Prophéties pour temps de crise’) of some 100 early Nostradamus editions, documents and other exhibits in the Salle des Ecuries of the Château de l’Empéri, Salon
14 June to 23 November 2003: Exhibition (‘Nostradamus, médecin humaniste’) of 16th century medicine in the Salle de la Bibliothèque, Salon
14 June to 21 September (or possibly 23 November) 2003: Visits to Garden of Medicinal Herbs (‘Jardin de simples’) in the north court of the Château de l’Empéri, Salon

Note: all the above will include guided visits, with associated educational workshops from September to November.

24 July to 23 August: Exhibition (‘Nostradamus, l’homme en mouvement’) of objects and documents from the various towns and cities that Nostradamus knew and visited

Half-day lecture sessions at Salon:
14 June 2003: ‘Nostradamus et son oeuvre’.
26 July 2003: ‘Nostradamus, la médecine et les plantes’.
23 August 2003: ‘L’humanisme et la transmission du savoir’

October 2003 (date to be announced): 16th century banquet at Salon or St-Rémy

14 December 2003: Readings of, and commentaries on, various Nostradamus texts, with 16th century music, at Salon, possibly along with a meeting of authors.


December 14/24 2003: Nostradamus’s 500th birthday.

Further details will be posted as they are received…

Links (includes original texts, literal translations, search engine, FAQ, Nostradamus's curriculum vitae and family-tree, and an illustrated tour of the seer's Provence) (texts ) (facsimiles of original editions) (loads of information, facsimiles etc.) (English translations of extracts from Nostradamus's main prophetic source, the Mirabilis liber of 1522)

PLEASE DO go to these sites: they contain all the absolutely fundamental texts and information! You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader for the last one.

Question of the week
Q. Does Nostradamus say anything about a war with Iraq?
A. The principal scenario proposed by Nostradamus across many of his quatrains, and luridly confirmed by his main source, the Mirabilis liber of 1522 -- which you can read for yourself in translation on the last site listed above -- is that a huge Muslim/Arab army, led by an Antichrist from Babylon (Iraq), is destined to invade Europe and lay it waste. After some years of brutal occupation, a French 'Great Monarch' will then arise and even more brutally chase them back to the Middle East, where the Muslim survivors will eventually convert to Christianity (!!). Somehow I don't see this relating to the present situation, do you? Unless, of course, Bush's policies were to stir up the whole Middle East to such an extent as actually to bring it about...

[For further details please click on 'General FAQs' and/or 'Common misconceptions' below - or see The Unknown Nostradamus]

For those wondering whether it is worth getting hold of Ian Wilson's new book Nostradamus: The Evidence (Orion, 2002):
Yes, it certainly is. Despite a few minor sillies, it is by far the most accurate, up-to-date and comprehensive biographical study of Nostradamus currently in print in English. You can order it from Amazon UK (if you wish, using the link at the bottom of 'New Titles' above).

For people in search of a private, moderated Nostradamus email forum:
The international Nostradamus Research Group is a small group of friends of varying expertise dedicated to discussing Nostradamus and the implications of his work. It has members in the USA, the UK, Canada, Australia, Russia, Japan, Turkey, Germany, Italy... If you would like to discuss becoming a member, please contact me using the button provided.


Misleading anonymous emails are currently appearing on the Internet pretending that Nostradamus's quatrain VI.34 predicted the Columbia space-shuttle disaster. It didn't of course -- and the verse quoted (in English!) combines three lines from entirely different verses with one that is completely made up. Please send it back to whoever posted it to you, and ask them to send you the original French!
For FAQ on Nostradamus and 9/11 (including relevant text-extracts from Nostradamus: The Illustrated Prophecies) please click on 'Common Misconceptions' below and follow the link at the top of the new page.

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