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The National Park Service administers three hundred plus areas in the System. There are three principal categories used in classification; namely, natural areas, historical areas, and recreational areas. The use of the National Parks by over 250 million visitors annually makes a significant contribution to the economy of the Nation. From this enormous visitation, most benefits go to business in the form food, lodging, and travel expenditures. Many other benefits, however, are passed on to local or national firms by way of services or supplies actually required to operate the National Park System.

The National Park Service expends approximately $200 million annually for goods and services acquired under contract. Over 90 percent of these dollars go to small businesses. The majority of the procurement dollars are spent in the area of construction. The remainder are spent for automated data processing hardware, software and services; maintenance services; professional services (including architect and engineer services); heavy equipment and various other supply type items.

Proposed procurements in excess of $25,000 are advertised in the "Commerce Business Daily." This is a synopsis of U.S. Government-proposed acquisitions and contract awards and is available by writing:

U.S. Department of Commerce
Commerce Business Daily Section
Office of Field Operations
Post Office Box 5999
Chicago, IL 60680

Also, you may submit a Standard Form 129, Bidders Mailing List Application, to those contracting offices within the Service with which you would like to do business and request to be placed on the Bidders Mailing List. You will then receive solicitations for those goods or services which you propose to provide.

Each contracting activity is governed by the Federal Acquisition Regulations and the Department of the Interior Acquisition Regulations (Title 48, Code of Federal Regulation), the Federal Property Management Regulations (Title 41, Code of Federal Regulation), the Federal Information Resources Management Regulations (Title 41, Code of Federal Regulation), and various other Agency regulations. These regulations govern procurement planning and requirements analysis, required sources of supply, equipment replacement (use) standards, solicitation procedures, evaluations and award processes, contract administration and close out procedures, etc. Copies of these regulations are available to the public and may be purchased through the Superintendent of Documents, U.S. Government Printing Office, Washington, D.C. 20402.

In addition, you may get information, counseling, and assistance from the Director of Business Services, GSA, at the following twelve regional locations:

GSA Regional Offices
7th & D sts., SW
Washington, DC 20407
Thomas P. O'Neill Federal Building
10 Causeway St., Room 290
Boston, MA 0222
The Wannamaker Bldg.
100 Penn Square East, Rm. 808
Philadelphia, PA 19107
Jacob K. Javits Federal Bldg.
26 Federal Plaza
New York, NY 10278
Denver Federal Center
P.O. Box 25006
B41 Rm. 141
Denver, CO 80225-0006
300 North Los Angeles St.
Los Angeles, CA 90012-2000
Room 2413
15th and C sts., SW
Auburn, WA 98001
525 Market St.
San Francisco, CA 94105
401 West Peachtree St
Room 2900
Atlanta, GA 30303
200 South Dearborn St.
Chicago, IL 60604
1500 East Bannister Rd.
Kansas City, MO 64131
819 Taylor St.
Fort Worth, TX 76102


The Office of Business and Economic Development provides counseling and advice to small, disadvantaged, women owned and minority-owned businesses on contracting opportunities within the National Park Service. This Office is also responsible for assisting the major procurement activities within the National Park Service in their efforts to increase contracting opportunities for such businesses. This applies to direct contracting and subcontracting opportunities as well as the Small Business Administration's Section 8(a) Program.

If you determine that some of the National Park Service's requirements can be fulfilled by your company's products or services, please write to the Business Utilization and Development Specialist at the appropriate procurement office address listed in this document or you may write:

U.S. Department of the Interior
National Park Service
Business and Economic Development Office
P.O. Box 37127
Washington, D.C. 20013-7127


Within the parks, private businesses provide accommodations and services for visitors under concession contracts. Because these concessioners are private, they are free to select their supply sources without regard to Federal Acquisition Regulations. For information on marketing products or services to concessioners, contact:

Rex G. Maughan
Chairman, Conference of National Park Concessioners'
P. O. Box 29041
Phoenix, AZ 85038


Architectural and engineering work is contracted by the National Park Service Denver Service Center, at the following location. Send SF-254 and brochures to the office listed below for consideration:

Business Utilization and Development Specialist
Denver Service Center
National Park Service
12795 West Alameda Parkway
Post Office Box 25287
Denver, CO 80225


A limited number of other professional services are contracted for by the National Park Service. Send brochures, or information, to the office where you want consideration.


Interpretive films, museum exhibits, audio-visual arts, and other forms of NPS visitor informational products are developed or procured by:

Harpers Ferry Center
National Park Service
Harpers Ferry
WV 25425
Attention: Contracting Officer


The National Park Service is a regular user of general contract work. Contracts are awarded on a competitive basis. Federal Acquisition Regulations apply. Write to the Regional Office indicated on the back for information according to the area of competition.


The National Park Service engages in few purchases of this kind. Vehicles are rented when possible from GSA motor pools. Most supplies are purchased from local distributors.


A number of NPS employees are required to wear uniforms. These purchases are made under a single Service-wide contract. This contract is competed approximately every five years.


Products may be exhibited before park and recreation officials during the conventions held by the National Recreation and Park Association. Write to this organization in care of:

Convention Manager
2775 South Quincy St. Suite 300
Arlington, VA 22206

If you are unable to determine your specific possibilities, please present your case to:

National Park Service
Business and Economic Development Office
P.O. Box 37127
Washington, D.C. 20013-7127

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