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With the release of “Elements Part II”, STRATOVARIUS have finished their impressing concept. Nine new tracks including the single “I Walk To My Own Song”, showing again the variety of this legendary Power Metal act. STRATOVARIUS ever had their own sound they kept for years. Straight and catchy melodies, but still able to surprise. You all know what to expect, but in the end they created a metal masterpiece that will rest in our hearts for eternity. “Elements Pt. II” features many classical hymns and proves the high level of the band. “Elements II” also shows the more quiet side of STRATOVARIUS, with tracks like the classical influenced “Awaken The Giant”. On the other side there are Speed metal tracks like the straight “I’m Still Alive”.

01. Alpha & Omega
02. I Walk To My Own Song
03. I´m Still Alive
04. Seasons Of Faith´s Perfection
05. Awaken The Giant
06. Know The Difference
07. Luminous
08. Dreamweaver
09. Liberty
"Elements Pt.2 " Release-date: 27.10.2003

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