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Newspapers in Education Program

The New York Times Newspaper In Education (N.I.E.) program is the oldest of its kind in the U.S. It brings newspapers (at discounted prices) into U.S. classrooms where they are used as educational resources in every content area.

books Participating in The New York Times Newspaper In Education Programs can

  • energize classrooms
  • build awareness of world events
  • help to improve language arts and writing skills
  • enhance critical thinking
  • increase vocabulary
  • improve skills in math, geography and other subjects


    The Times is a "text" that can be used to teach a variety of subjects such as English, economics, science, geography, history and more. The New York Times has been used in schools for many years with great success.

    We are adding several new curriculum guides to facilitate teaching with The Times. They are written by educators in varied content areas.

    Among these guides are:

  • Teaching With The New York Times
  • Using The New York Times as Your Journalism Textbook
  • Creating a New York Times Vocabulary Program in Your Classroom
  • A Guide to Teaching the Language Arts With The New York Times
  • Living Math With The New York Times
  • Geography in The New York Times
  • Enriching Science and Technology Education With The New York Times
  • A Guide to Careers, From School to Work, Using The New York Times
  • Teaching Law and Justice With The New York Times
  • Sports: A Window on Society
  • The New York Times Election Program
  • The Stock Market Game
  • Black History
  • Women Making History
  • A Teacher's Guide to the SAT

    Although especially effective for middle and high school teachers, these guides will be useful to educators working with younger or older students as well, to motivate and inform on a broad range of topics.

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    Copyright 1998 The New York Times Company