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NOAA Research, in cooperation with its research partners, explores and investigates ocean habitats and resources. We provide scientific results to help manage and understand fisheries, conserve and protect our coasts, and build a stronger economy through marine products and businesses, such as biotechnology and aquaculture. We also look for changes in the oceans due to natural and human activities.

"We all need and use the ocean. Whether we live in Maine or Montana, New York or Nevada, the ocean has a vital influence in everyday life. Not only does the ocean contribute an estimated 70% of our oxygen but it also removes a significant amount of carbon dioxide from our amosphere. Two-thirds of the world's human inhabitants live within 40 miles of the ocean. Fish from the ocean provide the principal source of protein for one-sixth of the people on Earth. The rain that falls, the waters we drink and bathe in -- all are inextricably linked to the ocean." (from "Danger At Sea: Our Changing Ocean" by B. McKay et al.)

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