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About OCLC Asia Pacific Services
Support and Training


Libraries in the Asia Pacific region that use OCLC products and services and need product support are encouraged to contact OCLC Asia Pacific Services directly via air mail, fax, phone, or e-mail.

Users that subscribe to OCLC products and/or services through a distributor are encouraged to contact their local distributor or OCLC Asia Pacific Services.


User Training

At your request, OCLC can offer initial and/or ongoing training at your library, or at OCLC headquarters in Dublin, Ohio, USA.

Training is open to all OCLC users regardless of whether they purchase OCLC products directly from Asia Pacific Services, or from their local distributor. User training is optional. However, proper training can vastly increase staff productivity and decrease staff frustration; additionally, training is a one-time investment.

Training at your library

Users that request OCLC to conduct training at their library, must pay round-trip transportation, hotel, meals, and other reasonable travel expenses for the trainer(s) traveling from Dublin, Ohio, USA, plus training fees.

Training fees vary depending on the product or service and are charged on a per-training basis, not a per-trainee basis. (However, to receive effective training, we recommend that an adequate number of workstations are made available to suit the number of persons who will receive training.)

Users that request training at their library shall also provide the necessary hardware and OCLC software needed for the training.

Training at OCLC

Libraries that wish to receive training at OCLC headquarters in Dublin, Ohio, USA, are welcome to do so. Libraries will be responsible for their own transportation, meals, accommodations, and training fees.

For directions on how to get from the Port Columbus International Airport to our campus in Dublin, see the map to OCLC.

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