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The Team


The Team

The British Columbia Offshore Oil and Gas Team has been formed to enable offshore oil and gas development in British Columbia.


Energy for our Future: A Plan for BC

Quarterly Progress Reports

British Columbia Offshore Oil and Gas Team Project Plan, May 2003


Facsimile: 250 356-0582
Mailing Address PO Box 9312
  Stn Prov Govt
  250 - 1675 Douglas Street 
  Victoria BC  V8W 9N2


Name Title
Jack Ebbels
250 356-2997
Deputy Minister  
(currently on medical leave)
Patrick O'Rourke  
250 356-0552
Acting Deputy Minister  
Bill Phelan  
250 952-0709
Yvette Schmid  
250 356-2997
Executive Coordinator 
Deb Henriksen  
250 356-0510
Admin Exec Asst/Reception  
Jose Villa-Arce  
250 356-0563
Chief Negotiator 
Ron Burleson 
250 952-0619
Senior Project Manager  
Ron Smyth  
Chief Science Officer  
Boris Tyzuk  
604 660-3092
Legal Counsel
Jean Dragushan 
250 387-0844
Senior Project Manager
Don MacIntyre 
250 356-0578
Science Officer
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Last Updated June 14, 2003

BC Offshore Oil and Gas Team