The Corporate Enclosure of Democracy

The Supreme Court holds that corporations are "persons" with free speech rights Read more

Uncommon Commoner


Hilary Wainwright

"The institutions that are supposed to reproduce daily life are incapable of acting on behalf of the people any more -- so we need to produce our own institutional alternatives."
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the commons movement

The commons is what we share together. From parks and clean water to scientific knowledge and the Internet, some things are no one’s private property. They exist for everyone’s benefit, and must be protected for future generations. A movement is emerging today to create a commons-based society.

What is On The Commons?
On the Commons is a citizens’ network that highlights the importance of the commons in our lives, and promotes innovative commons-based solutions to create a brighter future.

“But we are now increasingly aware of the problems with thinking that solutions come only from the experts in a particular field. Only doctors can heal. Only traffic engineers can decide how our streets work.”

—Julie Ristau, OTC Fellow

Photocommons rising

Fresh Thinking on Climate Change

Both the rock star Bono and environmental authority David Morris point to commons-based solutions

Commons Books of the Year picks the 15 best of 2009

Bolivia Stands Up for Common Wealth

Evo Morales's bold bet against privatization pays off.

2010: Crash or Comeback for American Cities?

With worsening local government budget woes, we must rally to preserve public services.

Strengthen the Commons -- Now!

German commoners release a stirring new manifesto.

A Better Climate Bill in Congress

The Cantwell-Collins climate bill is better for U.S. families and environment, thanks to a commons-based approach

Nobel Prize is a Milestone for the Commons Movement

Elinor Ostrom’s Award Disarms Those Who Say a Commons-based Society is Impossible.

Commons: The Video

An amusing, enlightening 4-minute introduction to the commons

Commons Resources

Our Water Commons

Our Water Commons report

Viral Spiral

Viral Spiral

Commons Rising

Commons Rising
report (PDF)

Commons Sites

Forum Organizing Project Our Water Commons
Common Security Clubs Cap and Dividend
The Solar Commons Wealth for the Common Good

Commons Finds

Shareable is a lively new website that explores the almost limitless possibilities of sharing to enhance our lives, restore the environment, save money and build community.