On the Commons (OTC) is a commons movement strategy center founded in 2001. Through our efforts, we help:

  • Build and bring visibility to the commons movement;
  • Initiate and catalyze commons work; and,
  • Develop and encourage commons leadership.

We believe it is possible to foster a commons-based society, which refers to a shift away from our market-based system, through new, collaborative ways of working.

Leadership Team

Learn more about OTC's leadership team: Julie Ristau, Ana Micka, Jay Walljasper, Alexa Bradley, and Camille Gage.

Commons Magazine

Don't miss our Commons Magazine — a gateway to the latest thinking and action happening right now in the commons movement. You'll find profiles of everyday people who stand up to protect what belongs to us all, groundbreaking ideas that will be useful in your life, and current news examined in fresh ways through a commons perspective.

We recently published a book called All That We Share: A Field Guide to the Commons to expand on the magazine and to help you discover the power of commons-based solutions. The books' contributors regularly visit campuses, congregations, conferences, and communities to promote the commons movement and jump start local commons efforts.

Commons Work

The Commons Work online resource center is where we highlight our practical, field-based commons work. There, you will learn about our new co-creative initiatives that promote involvement in commoning — the diverse set of practices that bring the commons to life for everyday people — and discover resources crafted by members of our network. Additionally, OTC sponsors a network (which you can join) of commons animateurs — people from all walks of life who play a seminal but often invisible role helping communities and organizations to see new possibilities, to claim and share resources in more equitable ways, and to develop new capacities for a brighter future.