August 17, 2016

A Great Lakes Commons Journey

Download your free traveler's guide to his unaparalleled natural and human wonder.

The Great Lakes Commons has launched Great Lakes Journeys, an initiative to celebrate this unparalleled commons through public performances and events.  They’ve just published a handbook, Great Lakes Commons Journey, to guide you on your own adventures. You can download a free PDF here.

Duluth is the next stop, August 20 through September 11.  Here’s what’s in store:

August 20:

 The eXXpedition Voyage will be in town as part of their mission to sample Great Lakes waters for microplastics—beads, fibers, pellets and other debris less than 5 millimeters which pose particular threats to wildlife in the lakes. Participants can learn to take water samples and pitch in to clean up beaches.  More information here.  

August 22-September 1.

Shawna Weaver, who holds a PhD in sustainability education, is aiming to run the length of the Superior Hiking trail in a record-setting 10 days, covering more than 30 miles of this rugged terrain each day. A documentary film is being shot about her effort to celebrate the resilience of Lake Superior.

September 4

Commons troubadour Ben Weaver who tours the Great Lakes region on bike and gives many musical performances in parks and other natural settings will host a nature walk at noon and an evening concert at the Bent Paddle Brewery.  

September 9-11

The Children of the Wild Ensemble Theatre has been touring the Great Lakes with the folk opera The Wastelands, a evocation of ecological unraveling based loosely on Dante’s Purgatorio.

For further information contact the following groups or the Great Lakes Commons