July 24, 2017

New Toolkit to Promote Water Commmons

Builds on the work of the Great Lakes Commons Charter

Image courtesy of the Great Lakes Commons

The Great Lakes Commons has recently released their Charter Toolkit. Rooted in the Commons Charter Declaration, this toolkit can support people, communities, and campaigns collaborating on protecting and caring for the Great Lakes.

The Charter Toolkit includes:

  • the Charter Declaration in 5 languages spoken in the Great Lakes region
  • an introduction to native and non-native approaches to water governance 
  • outlines of "ways-of-knowing" workshops 
  • a series of tips to start conversations about the water commons 
  • a set of community organizing practices.

The Charter Toolkit  helps you:

  • connect issues of human health with health of the Great Lakes  
  • work at a bioregional scale
  • indigenize water governance 
  • start new conversations about our Commons Charter and the commons in general
  • build unity in 5 Great Lakes languages
  • host visioning & organizing strategies
  • teach water ethics & gratitude

You can add your name to the Geat Lakes Charter by signing up here: