Video Zeroes in on What's at Stake with Obamacare

What's really going to happen?

From Our Next 4 Years' video "Why Save the Affordable Care Act?"

Repeal of the Affordable Care Act would represent a serious retreat for social justice and basic human decency in the United States.  Alarmed by this step backward, artist and BMC alum Tona Wilson joined Our Next 4 Years, a team of animators volunteering their skills to make short videos on health care and other important issues of the Age of Trump.

This one, with a score composed by Jeremy Mage, zeroes in about what repeal of Obamacare really means.

Watch it here.

"How can any of us sleep at night if even one of us is suffering. It's time to wake up and come together. Call your representatives.  Take to the streets. Make your voice heard," the video urges.