November 27, 2012

Action Strategies for Commons Leaders Around the Globe

Trust emergent wisdom, animate the commons co-creatively, and more

What can we do to build our capacity and that of other commons catalysts?

  • Trust emergent wisdom

  • Do some SOUL-SCAPING!

  • See and name the commons

  • Equip the commons

  • Animate the commons co-creatively

  • Invite and hold all in the commons

At the recent Commons Solutions Lab, we brainstormed these strategies, and many more, during a fun, co-creative exercise led by Paula Manley of The Oregon Commons. We used a giant “sticky wall” to organize our responses to the question above, and it turned out to be an incredibly juicy way to get to know each other.

What we discovered as we went back-and-forth over how to group our emergent ideas is that we need a range of strategies to build the commons movement—a range that will help us work better together, and independently.

We plan to keep working on the list of strategies, which you can download using the link below, at future gatherings.