July 5, 2013

How to Design Our World for Happiness

Free download of OTC's new book: The Commons Guide to Placemaking and a Convivial Life

Download a free copy of our new e-book How to Design Our World for Happiness here and please consider supporting our work today.

We are witnessing a significant social shift in which people are rediscovering common connections and recognizing the collaborative power we share for strengthening our communities.

On the Commons documents these examples of the commons in action in our new guide to placemaking, public space and convivial living by Senior Fellow Jay Walljasper, who writes, speaks, and consults nationally about this emerging trend. CLICK HERE to download your free copy of How to Design Our World for Happiness.

OTC is also beginning a new focus on helping communities boost their common connections and sense of place. For more information, click here.

If How to Design Our World for Happiness adds value to your life and depth to your understanding of placemaking and the commons, we hope you:

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  • Forward this e-book to friends and family, and share it on Facebook and Twitter to help others become aware of the commons and the power of placemaking. Our future depends on it.

  • Bring On the Commons to your community for a talk, workshop or residency about how commons practices can strengthen community connections and public.

We also hope this new commons guide inspires you to make improvements in your neighborhood, and helps you recognize how people working together can enliven and enrich our communities.

As the commons movement continues to grow, and we’re grateful for your ongoing support.