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  is an online community website designed for friends. The main goal of our service is to make your social life, and that of your friends, more active and stimulating. orkut's social network can help you both maintain existing relationships and establish new ones by reaching out to people you've never met before. Who you interact with is entirely up to you. Before getting to know an orkut member, you can even see how they're connecting to you through the friends network.

orkut makes it easy to find people who share your hobbies and interests, look for romantic connections or establish new business contacts. You can also create and join a wide variety of online communities to discuss current events, reconnect with old college buddies or even exchange cookies recipes.

To join orkut, simply click on the link in the email you received and follow the instructions for creating a user name and password. If orkut doesn't sound like it's for you, feel free to delete your invitation. If you change your mind in the future, don't worry! We'll still be here.

If you haven't yet received an invitation to join, please be patient. We'd love to immediately include everyone who wants to participate; however, we're also trying to ensure that orkut remains a close-knit community. Over the next few weeks, hopefully, the network will grow to a point where everyone who wants to join has the opportunity to do so.

It is our mission to help you create a closer, more intimate network of friends. We hope to put you on the path to social bliss soon.

Enjoy (=


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