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 Software Engineers!

Can you solve these problems:

  • You are given twelve balls. All are the same size and weight, except one which is heavier or lighter than the others. Using a balance scale, can you determine the odd ball in three weighings?
  • Write a function which reverses all the words in a string, using no local storage. (Turn "this is a test" into "test a is this".)

If you can, we would like to discuss potential opportunities at PayPal!

We are a venture-backed start-up located in Palo Alto, California looking for smart and talented individuals to join our team. We are fans of C++, Linux, Oracle, Quake, cryptography, Foosball, donuts, and taking care of our engineers.

If you enjoy working hard in an informal, friendly environment and are ready to help change the way people think about money, please send your resume to

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