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DECEMBER 4, 2000
PayPal to Provide Payment Processing for QuickBooks and QuickBooks Pro 2001 Users
Highlighting an offering that will allow small businesses to send invoices and receive payments online, leading Web-based payments provider PayPal announced that it will provide payment processing for the new Online Billing service in QuickBooks® and QuickBooks Pro® 2001.

NOVEMBER 14, 2000
ING and PayPal to Bring E-Payments to Europe
In a move certain to expand international use of what has become a "killer financial app" in the United States, PayPal, the pioneer and leading provider of Internet-based payments, and ING Group, one of the largest financial services companies in the world, announced a major strategic partnership today to expand e-mail payments in Europe.

NOVEMBER 3, 2000
PayPal Will Double eBay's Anti-Fraud Insurance
In an important step for consumer protection on the Internet, PayPal, the leading payment service for online auctions, today announced that it will effectively double the anti-fraud insurance offered by leading online auction site eBay, as part of a revision to the company's Buyer Protection Policy.

OCTOBER 10, 2000
ViaFone and Partner to Incorporate Leading Online Payment Service, PayPal, Into M-Commerce Applications
ViaFone, a leading provider of enterprise mobile solutions, and, provider of the leading online payments service PayPal, today announced a partnership that allows businesses to integrate a mobile payment solution into their m-commerce applications.

OCTOBER 4, 2000
Intuit And X.Com Sign Five-Year Agreement To Deliver Internet-Based Payment Capability
E-finance leader Intuit Inc. and Corporation, the largest provider of Web-based payment services, today announced a five-year agreement which makes the exclusive provider of Internet-based payment services for selected U.S. Intuit products.

AUGUST 30, 2000 Partners for International Expansion With $30 Million in Equity Financing
Internet Payments Leader Taps Credit Agricole and Other Strategic Investors To Help Make Payments Service Available Abroad

JUNE 12, 2000
Evite, Inc., Partners With's PayPal to Bring Online Person-to-Person Payments to Millions of Users
Partnership Allows Evite Members to Plan Activities and Collect and Send Payments in One Convenient Location

JUNE 12, 2000 Turns Your Mobile Phone Into A Wallet Corporation (, the world's first and largest Web-based payments network, further expanded its reach and utility today by becoming the first leading online payments provider to offer its service by mobile phone

MAY 15, 2000 Has the #1 Financial Web Site
Its Email Payment Service, PayPal, Had Over 1.8 Million Unique Visitors Each Week in April, Says PC Data Online

MAY 12, 2000
X.Com's E-Mail Payment Service, PayPal, Wins People's Voice Award at the Webbys 2000 Corporation (, the largest email payments provider on the Web, today announced that its email payments Web site, (, has received the Webbys' prestigious "People's Voice Award" for best finance Web site.

APRIL 5, 2000 Surpasses One Million Customer Mark Corporation (, the largest email payments provider on the Web, today announced that it has signed up over one million customers in its first five months of business. With a growth rate of more than 10,000 new users per day, continues to extend its lead as the world's largest web-based payments network.

APRIL 5, 2000 Announces $100 Million Financing Round Corporation (, creator of the world's largest email payments network, today announced a $100 million equity financing round from Madison Dearborn Partners and other new and existing investing partners.

August 31, 2000, PBS: I Cringely, the Pulpit
I'll Gladly Pay You Tuesday
PayPal, which is still privately held, is going to be an incredible and enduring success.

August 29, 2000, UpsideToday raises $30 million, plots overseas expansion raises $30 million, plots overseas expansion

August 28, 2000,
PayPal Review
This is truly one of the easiest services to use. Setting up an e-mail account at Yahoo! takes longer.

August 24, 2000, Forbes
Forbes' Favorite
[PayPal] has been an innovator in the newly emerging e-mail payment business.

August 13, 2000, San Jose Mercury News marks hot spot for e-cash transfers
The heavily hyped 1-year-old Corp. is proving that, in an era of tighter wallets, some start-ups can still generate the enthusiasm once lavished on nearly every IPO trading on Nasdaq.

July 31, 2000, Reviews
The explosion of online payment systems is transforming the way auction buyers and sellers do business, and PayPal is leading the sector with more than 2.7 million customers, five times the amount of any other online payment service.

June 2000, Red Herring
Red Herring Names one of the Year's Top 50 Private Companies
Red Herring names "the clear leader in electronic cash payments."

June 29, 2000, The New York Times
Easy Payments Put Hole in the Pocketbook makes online spending easier than it has ever been.

June 22, 2000, Time Digital
How to E-Mail Money Using
"...PayPal strikes me as the way to go."

June 18, 2000, CNET
CNET Recommends PayPal as Best Person-to-Person Bill Payment Site
CNET names PayPal "most reliable personal bill payment service on the Web."

JUNE 12, 2000, The Wall Street Journal Expands E-Mail Payment Service for Cell Phones
PayPal service expands to allow customers to pay each other over the latest generation of mobile phones.

JUNE 11, 2000, Launching Service for Wireless is set to announce the launch of its Mobile Services for members.

MAY 23, 2000, ABC News
E-Pay Firms Outpace Banks
Demand for online payments services like PayPal.comís is being driven by auction Web sites, as well as Web usersí desire to make payments online without using credit cards or money orders.

MAY 17, 2000, CNN
E-paying your way
PayPal is cheaper, faster and easier to use than either online banking or Internet currency.

MAY 8, 2000, Financial Times
When cash will no longer count
A simple system aimed at money transfers between individuals could transform e-business.

APRIL 17, 2000, U.S. News
Settling debts online: a new tool for E-mailers
With PayPal, winning bidders use E-mail to whiz payments to him, and he instantly transfers the funds to his bank account.

APRIL 5, 2000, Upside Today raises $100 million
Internet financial services startup has raised $100 million to further develop a service that allows people to email money to each other.

MARCH 9, 2000, National Public Radio
New Electronic Payment Methods (requires RealPlayer)
NPR's John McChesney reviews PayPal in the second half of this report.

MARCH 2, 2000, The New York Times
Will That Be Cash or Cell Phone? is especially popular for paying for merchandise on eBay and other online auction sites because it eliminates the need to send checks through the mail.

FEBRUARY 18, 2000, The Economist
E-cash 2.0
After opening an account on the companyís website, people can e-mail dollars to others.

FEBRUARY 16, 2000, The Wall Street Journal
PayPal Sees Torrid Growth With Money-Sending Service
If your acquaintances are even slightly tech-savvy, it may not be long before somebody beams money into your email in-box. Donít delete it. The moneyís good.

FEBRUARY 1, 2000, USA Today
Services let consumers email cash
Person-to-person payments via the Internet are becoming more than a virtual reality.

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