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How to Support Your Local Public Television
The vast majority of fundraising for public television takes place at the local level, at the PBS member station in your area. Each PBS station is unique, offering distinctive ways for you to become a member and support public television. To learn more, visit your local PBS station. Be more local. Be more PBS.

While each local PBS station offers unique ways for you to support public television, some of the most common opportunities include:

Many stations engage in targeted fundraising campaigns to help generate support for specific initiatives, such as digital conversion, new station facilities, or other mission-oriented activities. Find your local PBS station here.

Corporate and Foundation Underwriting
In every community, a cadre of companies and foundations — large and small — sponsor programs that are broadcast on their local public television station.

Many stations have endowment funds that are intended to provide a permanent source of annual operating income. When you give to a station's endowment you can specify named endowment funds, program funds, named producer chairs, even maintenance funds, and more importantly, you can support quality programming for years to come. Find your local PBS station here.

In-Kind Services
Maybe your company offers printing services and can assist your local public television station with a special mailing. Or, maybe you are a florist and could showcase your designs at a station event. Donating services like this allows your public television station to reduce its costs — it's a significant way to support public television. Find your local PBS station here.

Major Giving
Most stations offer major giving programs, which enable individuals to offer unrestricted, philanthropic support in larger amounts (typically $1000+). Major gifts are the sustaining funds that often support the ongoing, strategic efforts of PBS stations across the country. Find your local PBS station here.

You can become a member of your local station with a tax-deductible financial gift of your choosing. Individual gifts from members provide the single largest source of funding for public television, and these dollars are leveraged to earn support from federal, state and local governments, businesses, foundations and other funders. Benefits of membership are great, varying from station to station. Find your local PBS station here.

Planned Giving
Most stations offer a great range of flexible opportunities that can help you leave a powerful legacy — to ensure the future financial stability of public broadcasting in your community. Find your local PBS station here.

Volunteer Activities
Many people volunteer their time to their local public television station. Volunteer opportunities range from helping with mailings and answering phones during pledge drives, to leading station tours and organizing special events. Find your local PBS station here.



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