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Thursday, September 18, 2003
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About PBS - Beyond the Screen
Beyond the Screen

Everywhere Americans look for education through entertainment — at home, school, library, daycare center, online and in cultural institutions — PBS is there. As the only television service with an education mission that extends beyond the TV screen, PBS provides a range of services to its audience and its member stations to provide learning and enrichment activities for all ages. provides comprehensive companion Web sites for more than 1,000 PBS television programs and specials, as well as original Web content. With more than 150,000 pages of content to explore, visitors to the award-winning can delve further into the subjects they most enjoy — from news to history and the arts to science and technology. furthers the public broadcasting commitment to lifelong learning through supersites such as PBS Kids, PBS Parents, PBS TeacherSource and PBS Campus. also connects you directly to your local public broadcasting member station through the Station Finder and the opportunity to customize your experience with your local member station. Visitors can browse television schedules, explore local content and enjoy the online offerings of over 300 stations across the country.

By merging online and television media, is pioneering the creation and distribution of interactive programming to advance education, culture and citizenship worldwide.

PBS Video includes both PBS Home Video and PBS VIDEO. PBS Home Video markets and distributes programs on videocassette and DVD to consumers, and PBS VIDEO is the leading source of top-quality video and related products for classrooms, libraries, and workplaces.

PBS Ready To Learn helps to increase school readiness for all of America's children with an unrivaled line-up of educational and entertaining children's programming each weekday, coupled with short educational video spots. The value and impact of these programs are enhanced through outreach services provided by local PBS stations to their communities, including workshops, free children's books, a magazine and other learning resources to help parents, teachers and child care providers prepare young children to enter school ready to learn. PBS Ready To Learn collaborates with a number of organizations at the national and local levels in the development and delivery of these services. Ready To Learn is supported by the U.S. Department of Education.

PBS TeacherSource, an online neighborhood for PreK-12 educators, extends the educational value of PBS's award-winning programming by helping teachers learn effective ways to incorporate video and Web in the classroom. TeacherSource includes more than 4,500 free lesson plans, teacher's guides and online activities — all correlated to more than 230 sets of national and state curriculum standards.

PBS TeacherLine is creating an innovative Web-based professional development model to prepare preK-16 educators for teaching and learning in a digital environment. TeacherLine is aligned with state and national standards in mathematics and technology and offers a flexible, modular, customizable format for anytime, anywhere professional development. TeacherLine services were developed in collaboration with the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics and the International Society for Technology in Education. PBS TeacherLine is funded by a grant from the U.S. Department of Education.

PBS Campus provides adult education services to both adult learners and educators through PBS Campus, where the public can explore distance learning opportunities from PBS multimedia courses and leading American colleges; and the PBS Adult Learning Service, where educators can find out how their college can offer PBS courses to their students. Created by PBS in partnership with its member stations, PBS Campus features the "Find a Course, Find a College" search engine, which visitors use to select the PBS course they want to take and the college from which they want to take it. This information is forwarded to the college, so that they can contact the student and help them enroll in the course, which may be delivered via the Web, video or local PBS station broadcasts. Already more than 6 million Americans have obtained college credit this way, from more than a thousand colleges and universities. Through ALS and PBS Campus, PBS presently offers about 125 different courses in a broad range of subjects, including the liberal arts, languages, social sciences, business, marketing, accounting, Web technology and basic workplace skills.

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