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Ready to Earn resources teach future, new, and experienced workers the skills they need to find, keep, and excel at their jobs.

Below is a complete, alphabetical listing of learning resources available through Ready to Earn. The video programs and live satellite events are available for downlinking by colleges, universities, businesses, and other organizations with access to a satellite dish.

See our schedule of resources available in the months ahead. If you have any questions, call toll-free 1-800-257-2578 or e-mail the PBS customer support center at als2@pbs.org.

We look forward to hearing from you!


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Beyond Wall Street
Hosted by two of America's leading personal finance experts, Jane Bryant Quinn and Andrew Tobias, this fascinating series provides a guided tour of investments and personal finance.
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Breakthrough: The Changing Face of Science in America
Profiles contemporary scientists and engineers of color and the challenges they face.
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By the Numbers
Explores the role math plays in our everyday lives.
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Career Advantage
A comprehensive life planning program divided into three sections: self-knowledge, educational an occupational exploration and career planning.
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Career Moves™: Allied Health Therapists
Designed for career changers and newcomers to the job market, this program provides an informative look into the typical work day of health professionals.
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Careers for the 21st Century NEW!
Explores careers in emerging technologies and related areas that are likely to be in high demand in the coming years.
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Change Your Job, Change Your Life
Job seekers, students, and current employees looking to climb the corporate ladder will acquire a wealth of practical information from this hands-on series.
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Changing Culture of the Workplace
Hosted by George Takei, this series provides students with the most effective strategies for making a successful transition to the workplace.
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Connect With English
This telecourse for English for Speakers of Other Languages centers on the appealing story of Rebecca Casey who works in Boston and supports a disabled father and teenage brother.
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English Works!
This series helps limited English speakers understand and develop skills for communicating in the workplace.
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Everyone Wins! Quality Care Without Restraints
This training series offers practical strategies for providing quality care to nursing home residents without the use of restraints.
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Excellence in Nonprofit Leadership and Management LIVE!
A professional development opportunity including key components for training nonprofit staff, board members, and volunteers in effective organization management.
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Hope is a Literate Woman
This program profiles women who are undertaking life-saving initiatives to solve problems ranging from domestic violence to the spread of AIDS.
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How to Find the Right Franchise NEW!
Explores issues prospective franchisees should understand in order to help avoid costly mistakes.
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Inquiry Based Learning
Centered upon a learner-centered instructional method based on student ownership of the learning process, this series shows instructors how to incorporate cross-discipline study, critical thinking skills and research with a student's individual learning style.
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Internet Literacy
Created and produced by Fred Hofstetter, professor of educational technology at the University of Delaware, this course teaches students how to use the Internet for work, play, or school.
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Introduction to Business Communication
Presents the fundamentals of business communications for career success.
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Introduction to Entrepreneurship
Lays out a set of tools that students can use to make their dreams of becoming successful entrepreneurs a reality.
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It's Strictly Business
Introductory business course providing a general survey of business on a national and international scale.
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Jobs: A Way Out & Jobs: The Class of 2000
Looking at communities who are creating opportunities for area youth, these programs address issues of outreach, workforce readiness, and training.
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Literacy Changes Lives
This program focuses on the changes taking place in the lives of several adults as they learn to read or to apply their new literacy skills.
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Making It All Add Up
Based on the standards set by the American Mathematical Association of Two-Year Colleges (AMATYC), this series provides developmental math instructors with information and tools for the classroom.
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Math Basics
This pioneering series helps adult students develop number sense and the confidence they need to succeed at math and prepare for the GED.
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Mental Health and Older Adults: Video Training Series
This training series builds the care giving skills of those who are in regular contact with older adults.
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Minerva's Machine: Women and Computing
Profiles the female pioneers in computer science and examines what is being done to bridge the computer gender gap.
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Preserving the Legacy:
Industrial Processes and Waste Stream Management

Computer-animated sequences, on-location footage, and interviews with environmental professionals provide a fascinating introduction to the field of waste management.
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Right on the Money NEW!
A "how-to" personal finance series helping real people solve real money problems.
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School-to-Work Transition: Parts 1 and 2
Designed for high school and adult career planning seminars and classes, this series motivates students to make a successful transition from the school room to the workplace.
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School-to-Work Transition CD-ROM
The School-to-Work Interactive CD-ROM complements the video series with fun activities and attractive animation that help students build their career plan.
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Small Business 2000
These new series of programs focuses on successful small business case studies all across the United States.
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Something Ventured
A small business managment series providing students with the skills and knowledge they need to successfully operate a business.
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Successful Transitions:
Creating Higher Education Opportunities That Support Welfare-to-Work
Examines how colleges and universities can maximize education and training benefits for individuals moving from welfare to work.
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The Whole Child: A Caregiver's Guide to the First Five Years
Our popular child education series covering significant topics in child development and education.
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Workforce 2020: An Interview with Richard Judy
Richard Judy, a research fellow at the Hudson Institute, presents his views on the future of the America's workforce, discussing the influence of technology, globalization and more.
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Workplace Essential Skills NEW!
This exciting new video series helps those who are unemployed and under-employed develop essential skills for finding and keeping a job.
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Your College Experience: Keys to Success
Designed especially for freshman orientation programs, this series is full of sound advice on how new college students can succeed on campus.
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