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Egypt: Middle East Inc A Death in Tehran
Asia and Africa: Living on the Edge
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Next on FRONTLINEWhen deaths occur suddenly or suspiciously, we assume there will be an investigation. But the reality is very different. FRONTLINE, NPR, ProPublica and the UC Berkeley Investigative Reporting Program examine death investigations in America. Watch online.

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Carbon Carousel: European Market a Haven for Tax Fraud
A tax scandal has been rocking the global carbon markets. Ironically, it is emanating from Copenhagen, the city that six months ago hosted the world's largest climate summit. ...
posted by on Jun 15

The American Power Act: Cap and Trade 2.0
Pollution reduction targets in the American Power Act, drafted by the Senate in May, are nearly identical to those in a companion bill in the House. But how and when industries must meet those targets is vastly more complex. ...
posted by on Jun 14

Carbon Credits for Preserving Forests: How Does It Work?
it's a simple premise: preserve the lungs of the world, the remaining forests, by enabling companies, conservation groups, and countries to invest in them as offsets for carbon emissions. In practice, however, it's both complex and controversial. ...
posted by on May 17

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