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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I get a videotape of a program?
VHS copies of FRONTLINE/World programs are available for purchase online through ShopPBS. NOTE: Not all FRONTLINE/World programs are available on home video.

Videotapes for schools, libraries and other educational institutions are available for purchase online through PBS Video. You can also contact PBS Video at

PBS Video
P.O. Box 791
Alexandria, VA 22313-0791

Teachers may tape FRONTLINE/World programs off-the-air for educational uses for up to one year from the initial broadcast. More information on these policies can be found on the TV for Teachers page.

Where can I find transcripts for your programs?
Transcripts for FRONTLINE/World programs are not currently available.

How can I find out when FRONTLINE/World will be on television?
Please visit the TV Schedule section of our Web site. Just let us know which local PBS station you tune in to, and we'll tell you when FRONTLINE/World airs in your area. Please keep in mind that it is always best to consult local listings in your area, as individual station schedules are subject to change.

How do I comment about a specific program?
Please visit the "React" section of our Web site. We welcome your feedback regarding our programs and publish many of these comments on the Web site so that others can read them. As with "Letters to the Editor" sections of newspapers or magazines, we cannot publish all letters (we get hundreds every week). We try to post a good cross-section of comments. And, yes, we read every letter.

How can I contact FRONTLINE/World?

2601 Mariposa Street
San Francisco, CA 94110
Fax: 415-553-2456
How can I submit a story idea?
FRONTLINE/World airs approximately four times during the regular FRONTLINE season, allowing for a very limited number of stories each year. With that in mind, please email us at to receive information about how to submit a story idea to our series staff.

How can I work for FRONTLINE/World?
Most of the stories featured in FRONTLINE/World are made by independent producers and journalists from around the country and abroad. FRONTLINE/World has a small central staff at KQED in San Francisco. Please check their Web site for job listings.

Does FRONTLINE/World have internships?
We do not currently have an internship program, but please check back in fall 2002 for more information.

How is FRONTLINE/World funded?
FRONTLINE/World is funded by PBS and the Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB). CPB is a private nonprofit corporation created by Congress in 1967 to oversee the development of public television, radio and online services. CPB, a grant-making organization, funds more than 1,000 public radio and television stations. National corporate funding for FRONTLINE/World is provided by ABB, an international electrical engineering and industry automation group with headquarters in Switzerland. ABB provides utility and industry customers with power and automation technologies that improve their competitiveness while lowering environmental impacts.



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