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FRONTLINE/World will reach a significant national audience and make a particular effort to reach out to younger viewers through targeted alliances with colleges, universities and even high school journalism organizations. Its aim: to foster a national and international dialogue about the cultural, political and economic forces and institutions shaping the small planet we share.

The FRONTLINE/World team will create a two-tiered engagement initiative that will focus on raising awareness of the series itself as well as the content of specific programs. Through partnerships with a diverse range of print, broadcast and Web media outlets -- as well as through collaborations with interested colleges, community organizations and international studies groups -- the team hopes to dramatically expand the reach of FRONTLINE/World and bring its stories to a truly wide-ranging audience.

KQED's Education Network, in partnership with Active Voice, will take the lead in developing a campus-community engagement campaign for the first season of FRONTLINE/World. KQED's Education Network uses the power of media -- television, radio and the Internet -- to inspire learning in the community through workshops, online resources and community events. Active Voice is a team of media strategists, facilitators and trainers, which helps organizations, television stations and filmmakers use social-issue television programs' potent tools for building communities, engaging citizens and developing long-term partnerships.

During the first season, the outreach team will limit pilot projects to a small number of colleges and universities that are eager to use FRONTLINE/World segments to strengthen and/or initiate campus projects related to international issues. In addition, the outreach team will identify and recruit two or three national partners, who will inform and endorse the campaign and distribute FRONTLINE/World materials throughout their networks, chapters and affiliates.

The key objectives for the campaign include the following:

  • Raising viewers' awareness and knowledge of the world around them and the way America and its policies are viewed by citizens of other countries and cultures
  • Developing strategies to engage youth and create opportunities for the expression of youthful perspectives and diverse opinions on issues raised in the series
  • Building an infrastructure of organizations -- both mainstream and student based -- that will access and leverage FRONTLINE/World throughout the life of the series
  • Providing resources for participants who want to get involved with local activities, further their knowledge and/or deepen the conversation on campus

For more information about KQED's outreach efforts for FRONTLINE/World, email




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