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M Matthews
Orlando, FL

I will never understand why they are putting so much emphasis on Saddam getting a fair trial when he never gave the Kurds and others a fair shake. I saw the show "Road to Hell" on TV and pictures and other images of slaughtered people and I can't tell you how heart-sick it made me for them. If they would show these pictures and images in the courtroom trial of Saddam and put some masking tape around his mouth, I think the trial would be over very soon and attain a guilty with no problem. Saddam should be put to death with no mercy!!!

Suzi Lang
Omaha, NE

I was in tears by the end of the program. I have no doubt now that taking Saddam out was the right thing to do, and anyone who saw this program would have a hard time arguing otherwise. Thank you for shedding light on a story that the mainstream media won't touch.

Stillwater, ME
Three hundred thousand killed by Saddam Hussein, yet the debate rages whether this fight is justified? Were we justified in challenging the Nazis and the Stalinists? What will it take for people to see the clear line between liberty and repression?

Thank you, Frontline, for an honest report in a conflict desparately short of honesty.

Jodi Sargent
Lapeer, MIchigan

I love Frontline -- always edgy, looking for the truth. If 14 years of searching finally turned up the Barzarni family, what else is hidden out there in the desert?

We (the U.S.) gave Saddam too much time to hide things. It's no wonder no one can find anything. That little bugger knows more than he's telling! And why is the judge who is trying his case so afraid and wants to quit? Since when does the defendant get to tell the courts, 'See ya, I'm not coming," and hold up court proceedings? How are the Iraqi people ever supposed to heal from all the damage this tyrant has caused?

We used to call his campaigns genocide; war crimes are on trial here, not a popularity contest. Dig a little deeper in the Iraqi sand and see what else you can find.

Good hunting and God bless you for the truth.

Mike Walker
Atlanta, GA

I loved the program. Too bad the mainstream media doesn't cover stories about the Kurdish people.

Paolo de Franco
Mission Viejo, CA

i did not know that human beings could act in a certain way that not even savage animals could be used as the word to describe their actions commited to another human being. The beheadings of the American soldiers and many other crimes Saddam and his two sons are responsible for are just not from this planet.

Mark Peters
Milwaukee, WI

Good research as far as it goes, but then again it doesn't go very far. Absolutely no mention of the U.S. role in putting Saddam in power nor of its knowledge of and acquiescence in his brutality in the early years through the 80's. Your viewers will need to read Noam Chomsky to fill in this gaping lacuna.

Boston, MA
My husband and I compliment you on "Saddam's Road to Hell." The film is TV at its best: tightly constructed, well-paced, informative. Its narration and photography are compelling, as are its interviews, its videos of actual torture, and its poignancy ("...good, quiet and handsome" is a quote we have already made ours).

"Saddam's Road to Hell" has an immediacy that informs and embraces viewers who find themselves indeed on a small planet.

We note also how brave are the people who actually made the film.

Everything about this project is remarkable.

Omaha, Nebraska
Thanks again to PBS and the courageous filmmakers who are not afraid to detail the truth about any subject, including the wrath of Saddam!

Every time I watch PBS, I learn something new. Although I may not change my opinion, I am always left with a better understanding.

From the onset of this war in Iraq, and especially after our U.S. troops were sent into Iraq and that region, I have held the same opinion.

Given the complicated variety of heritage, religious and historical beliefs of the people in Iraq and the surrounding countries, I do not believe it will make any difference if U.S. troops leave Iraq tomorrow or next year! Regardless of the oil, politics, and Osama Bin Laden, the majority of people in that region of the world do not want us there and will continue to do what they have been doing for centuries... fight to the death for land boundaries because of their complicated history and religious beliefs -- of which there are many.

We have the "United States" in America! Perhaps it's long overdue for countries like Iraq to become "United with States" that have boundaries --- as we do?

I firmly believe it is in the United States' best interest to bring every one of our U.S. troops back home today to surround America and protect the borders of our own United States.

Lanny Stricherz
Sisseton, SD

I found the story interesting and thought that Frontline did a good job of reporting it. I would like to see a series of Frontline programs covering the history of the Middle East; starting with the U.K. being kicked out of Iraq near the start of the last century; the creation of the state of Israel and taking the lands of the Palestinians to that purpose; going on to the duplicity of the U.S. overthrowing the first democracy in the Middle East and installing the Shah; on to the Suez Crisis; the establishment of the empire in Saudia Arabia by corporate America with petro dollars; the duplicitous dealings of both Saddam and the Ayotollah Komeini prior to and during the Iran-Iraq war; then going to the war in 1991 to the present day in Iraq and the funding of Osama Bin Laden to fight the Soviets in Afghanistan and establishing him with the status he holds in the Middle East today. Until then, the complete story is untold and will certainly not be read the way it happened in the U.S. history books.

Anthony Smith
Oakdale, CA

I am very glad Frontline has chosen to do a piece on this. The Kurds have been brutalized by Saddam's regime, and left out in the cold by the U.S. government. Everyone knows Saddam was a brutal dictator. But does that justify further brutality by the U.S? I hope the future of the Kurdish region of Iraq is a positive one.


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