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   Related Organizations
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The Association of America's Public Television Stations (APTS)
Established in 1980, APTS is a nonprofit membership organization whose mission is to support the continued growth and development of a strong and financially sound noncommercial television service for the American public.

The Annenberg/CPB Project
Since 1981 the Annenberg/CPB Project has supported programs that use telecommunications to improve the quality and accessibility of higher education. The project has given $90 million to create more than 50 college-level video and audio courses and 25 demonstration projects that use computer and information technologies to make education more accessible for all students.

Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB)
Authorized by the Public Broadcasting Act of 1967, CPB is a private, nonprofit corporation that oversees the growth of quality, taxpayer-supported public television and radio in the United States. CPB receives funding from the federal government, disperses it for the production of public radio and television programs, and distributes direct grants for the operations of public radio and television stations.

Published since 1982, Current is the biweekly newspaper for and about public broadcasting, read by people involved in public TV and public radio. The most widely read periodical in the field, Current is as an editorially independent journalistic service of the Current Publishing Committee, administered by WNET, New York City.

National Educational Telecommunications Association
Created in 1997, NETA was formed when SECA and the members of the former PMN joined forces to create a national public television association.

National Public Broadcasting Archives (NPBA)
The NPBA brings together the archival record of the major entities of non-commercial broadcasting in the United States, including the archives of CPB, PBS, National Public Radio (NPR), APTS, the Children's Television Workshop (CTW), and the Joint Council for Educational Telecommunications (JCET). NPBA's reference library contains basic studies of the broadcasting industry, rare pamphlets and journals on relevant topics, and clippings from the PBS press clipping service.

National Public Radio (NPR)
Founded in 1970, NPR is a nonprofit membership organization that is the leading producer of public radio programming in the United States. NPR has 490 member public radio stations nationwide, and operates a national satellite program distribution system, with regional uplinks for public radio stations and other producers.

Public Radio International (PRI)
An independent, private, nonprofit program distribution company, PRl (formerly American Public Radio) services 486 affiliates around the globe, and offers such popular programs as "A Prairie Home Companion" and "Marketplace." Most PRI affiliates are NPR member stations.

Public Television Outreach Alliance (PTOA)
Founded in 1986, PTOA is a consortium of five public television stations — WETA/Washington, D.C., Kentucky Educational Television, WQED/Pittsburgh, Nebraska Educational Television, and KCTS/Seattle — intended to encourage, develop, and support greater community involvement by public television stations.

SERC is a non-profit consortium of state departments of education, educational television networks, schools and parent-teacher groups devoted to providing extraordinary resources that engage the mind and inspire the imagination. Through an ever-growing network of partnerships SERC delivers these resources to kindergarten through twelfth grade as well as professional development for school staff and the community as a whole.
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