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Emmy is an adventurer. She is enthusiastic, imaginative and confident in her own abilities. A natural leader, she encourages all the dragons. Of course, like all six-year-olds, she has her moments of doubt and needs help from her friends.
Max is an independent and sometimes mischievous four-year-old. He thinks Dragon Land is a wonderful playground, and like most children his age, he loves to play! The smallest and youngest in the group, he does his best to keep up with the others.
Cassie is the smallest and youngest of the dragons. Although she is very bright and curious, she is often too shy to put forth her good ideas. Loving and empathetic, she can usually understand all sides in a dispute.
Ord is a big lovable, cowardly dragon. Although he is the largest, strongest and fastest dragon in the group, he is afraid of almost everything. He is, however, determined to find ways to cope with and conquer his fears.
Zak and Wheezie are a two-headed dragon with completely opposite personalities. This brother and sister love each other, but disagree about almost everything. Zak is neat and orderly. Wheezie is wild and free-spirited. Since they share a body, the most challenging task for these two is getting along.
Quetzal is an adult dragon and wise teacher, whom the children and dragons turn to when they need grown-up help. Although he never provides solutions, he gives helpful hints to guide the group in their problem-solving efforts.