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The games and stories on the Dragon Tales Web site are designed to extend the educational goals and learning opportunities children experience watching the TV show. Each activity encourages children to take on challenges, explore, be creative, and help their Dragon Tales friends overcome obstacles.

You and your child can join the whole Dragon Tales gang in a day of Dragon Games (the Dragon Land version of the Olympics). There's something for everyone in this story--bike racing, mushroom hoping, a river race, and a game of dragonball.

As soon as Quetzal rings the big bell to start the Games, your child can start illustrating the pictures. There are four versions of "The Dragon Games" story, each told from one of the dragon's perspective. The creative opportunities provided by this activity should give you and your child hours of fun together.

"The Dragon Games" narrative supports one of Dragon Tales' core educational goals, "to encourage children to understand that to try and not succeed fully is a natural and valuable part of learning."

To play "The Dragon Games," choose a dragon.
Each dragon in Dragon Land wears a unique badge. When a dragon overcomes a personal challenge, his or her dragon badge glows. The "Make-Your-Own Dragon Badge" activity can be used to help identify and set challenges that your child wants or needs to face in his own life.

Let your child choose a badge shape he likes and decorate it with objects that express his personality. Then ask your child, "What makes your dragon badge glow?" Together, choose one of the listed challenges or help your child write his own. When the badge is complete, print it out.

You and your child can use this fun activity to create as many badges and set as many challenges as you want.

To make a dragon badge, choose a dragon.
Singing Springs is full of music! When your child visits, she can sing and dance along as she plays her favorite Dragon Tales tunes.

To listen to the songs at Singing Springs, choose a dragon.
Dragon Tales encourages your child to use her imagination. This open-ended creative activity letís you and your child color her favorite dragons online. Each dragon has three unique pictures.

To start painting, choose a dragon.
Join Zak and Wheezie in the kitchen and help them cook-up different dragonberry surprises. Children are asked to look at the ingredients on a recipe, find them in the kitchen, and add them to Zak and Wheezie's mixing bowl.

Your child will have a great time searching through the kitchen and matching the objects. At the same time, he will be learning how to follow instructions--one of Dragon Tales' cognitive challenges.

When your child is done playing online, you can have some fun together in your own kitchen. Just print out the illustrated recipe and bake your own dragonberry cake.

To make a dragonberry surprise, click on Zak & Wheezie.
When Ord visits the "Forest of Darkness," he is faced with the challenge of coping with his fear of the dark. In this matching game, your child can help Ord explore the forest. As she clicks on the screen, she will illuminate different areas. Each illuminated area reveals a part of a favorite Dragon Land character or object. When she sees enough to identify what (or who) it is, she can click the "I Know What It Is" button. Four choices will appear and the child must click on the one that she thinks she saw in the dark.

To find out what's hiding in the Forest of Darkness, click on Ord.