Did You Know:
June 7, 1997
Half of all mammal species in tropical rain forests are bats.

The Living Edens:
Explore the intense beauty and startling contrasts of Patagonia.
Alive on Everest:
Join the climbing team as they trek skyward.

"The star of science television," NOVA shines in every area of science on the Web as well.
Experience the wonder of the natural world, and with Nature Puzzle Games, have fun doing it.
Scientific American Frontiers
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The New Explorers
Travel the globe in search of new scientific adventures.
See how 20 contemporary scientists of color are advancing a variety of scientific disciplines.
The Living Edens
Glimpse the magic and beauty of lands as diverse as Alaska's Denali and Argentina's Patagonia.
Newton's Apple
Keep up with the latest in science and technology, from the Internet to the human eye.
Paul Ehrlich and the Population Bomb
Are broadly ranging global problems linked to overpopulation? Perhaps.
The People's Plague Online
A gripping chronicle of America's history and continuing fight with this deadly disease.